birthday post!

 i wrote a lot of shit about my day but it all sounded contrived and retarded, so i erased it all. i am starting to favor brevity over verbosity. this blog is proof. the photo-centric blogging combined with random fragmented sentences sort of calms me down. i am delighted to have so many photos to post, but at the same time there are so many stories behind everything and it feels somewhat wrong to not use the medium of the written word to communicate them, when this is essentially a blog. still, this is strangely calming. i feel at ease when i am brief, which is hardly the norm for me

nevertheless i find myself more in my element when i write about nothing in particular. being specific gets so tiring when the words don’t come out right and do no justice to the event. thats probably why i could never write formoney, and that the only thing i am ever capable of writing is of my feelings.

because feelings are fluid. and sure, i have had a lot of them today, but there is a kind of marvel in being unspecific. i don’t want to talk about a certain part of how i feel, i want it all to come out in a mishmash of the undefined, and i want whoever that reads this to relate without ever understand what i mean

vague and incredible grandiose. that is so me.

more to come. when i fix this shitty blog of mine.

tell me something good


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