i was having a pretty bad one

i’m tired and groggy, i have work i don’t particularly feel like touching (it’s almost done but i am so supremely unhappy with what i have right now), i haven’t touched my portfolio in a week (done designing, needs coding and adjustments, preparatory work), i saw like 10 different jobs i am somewhat interested in but i can’t bring myself to apply for any of them, my computer has this terrifying dirty bit that i can’t get rid of (i think, although it seems like alles klar now considering how that problematic folder has disappeared), i want to go swimming but i have the flu (wouldn’t be socially irresponsible to go swimming in public pools when you are sick), i haven’t taken a single good photo in forever, i am poor, my blog almost broke itself (after trying to troubleshoot it for ages i realized i had accidentally taken out the include for ‘footer’ for plugins, which is just completely stupid on my part, but i couldn’t see it with the generated html), i am so mad about my coding, i have no discipline whatsoever and my code just ends up being this chunk of general !important;s which is just so dirty and disgusting, i have to go in for a meeting at 8 in the morning tomorrow, its going to suck because i’m going to have to face the human rush, i just want to spend some time with my boyfriend and have a happy time so i can embark on the tumultuous task of preparing for work and shit, i don’t even remember why john wants me to go in tomorrow, and i am supposed to have fucking brekkie with him, i don’t know what is with his obsession with trying to feed me, every time we talk we are always talking about either lunch or dinner, i am hungry now, i just had a hotdog and it was all i could do to not think about the intestines and guts and whatever they probably had thrown into the sausage filling, uggghhh, and i farted like 40 times today, LOUDLY, with no apologies

and im fucking whiny as shit, i just want to relax. and laugh. and forget what is plaguing me. because i shouldn’t be plagued. i am lucky in every sense and i need to stop thinking so NEGATIVELY FOR FUCK’S SAKE

but i swear, i was so mad earlier, i slammed my fists on my table over nothing.

after reading all that shit i realized how ungrateful i am so i am going to write about stuff that made me happy; coraline and fanboys dvdrips have been released yippitydoodly, my blog is super awesome looking, i fixed my blog problem and now it is better than it ever was and i got twitter to work on it too!!!!, my hotdog was quite delicious, my boyfriend is extremely nice to me lately and has been very understanding and encouraging and more sensitive than he has been in the past and that makes me super duper happy too, my hair looks fucking amazing (forget the bad pix i swear the color is sooooooooooo pretty), i have a hot closet and tons of accessories to go with it (i opened my box of jewelry and i saw all this stuff other people had given me over the years and i was like, wow, i’m glad i bothered to box up this stuff, they give me such great memories), i made a new cellphone charm for my incredislow sony ericcsson w910i so i might actually feel attracted enough to use it some day, my glass for drinking now matches my placemat +10000 after 10 years (literally!!!!!), wonder baby was super cool, i fixed my ikea mirror from my friends YAY!!!!!!! now it stands up without falling over wOOO, my speakers that i mounted to the wall with BLUE TAC hahahaha have stayed up for like a month now (lolLLLL), i have this month’s Mina on my bed (:D) and the stuff in there still looks amazing, my illustrator skills are so up2par now, i have BATTLE FORGE!!!! although it sucks, i got my dad the PERFECT father’s day gift ($210 book called ‘condensed chemist’s dictionary’, he’s been wanting it forever), my computer looks magnificient (i am the best themer in the world), and my room is a swanky 24degrees celcius while outside it is 32 degrees celcius (“feels like 40″), when i went out for my job interview on tuesday there were tons of butterflies around and i felt like i was in fairy tale land, my SHOES don’t kill any more, I GOT THE BEST BANGING JOB INTERVIEW OUTFIT EVERRRRRRR for a hundred bucks (do not tell anyone), my 30mm f1.4 is still the best lens to ever exist, my MOTHER IS THE BEST MOTHER EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, i solved my sister’s multiple computer problems (SUCK THAT ADOBE DIRECTOR), i finished boys before flowers, i am getting better at this hangul thing…. and yeah my life is pretty GREAT. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  1. Korean Bbq Toronto Says:
    January 10th, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    Korean Bbq Toronto

    i was having a pretty bad one

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