one of them…soon.

from becoming one of them
must… blog… before… its… too… late

1. big bang feat. 21 – lollipop: you need to tell me why i haven’t gotten sick of this song after literally 100 repeats. i still sing along when that dude goes “nae sarang bling bling like LED”. something is wrrrrrong with me.

2. hot hot hot and humid humid humid: long hot summer is becoming too big of a cliche here. i need this worthless weather to cool itself off so i will stop contributing to global warming via the excessive use of the air conditioner.

3. i am watching myself dance to lollipop on webcam…idk.

4. job… got a job… dunno, i don’t think i want to talk much about it yet. i’m not excited… i’m not happy… i’m not grateful… i am just wishing this weekend lasts forever :( because come monday, i will never have more than 5 hours to myself before falling dead asleep. 9.5 hour work day? which worthless fool devised this period? that is so FUCKING ridiculous.

5. maybe i have the swine flu. i am not even shitting you. went to raffles hospital for a pre-employment medical check-up and there were so many sick people around… i am so stupid, i shouldn’t have gone to a hospital; i thought that a hospital would have more resources and hence be able to complete the medical faster…WRONG. fucking hospital took FOREVER to do anything. i said ‘fuck’ like 20 times in 5 minutes because of how BORED and COLD i was waiting for the GOD DAMN WORTHLESS SHIT OF A CHECK UP TO COMPLETE. and when i was COMPLETELY DONE, i had to queue up at the WORTHLESS COUNTER to PASS MY FUCKING FORM to a NURSE. there must’ve been like 5 of them who went and came repeatedly, totally ignoring those of us who were just waiting for them to just TAKE A PIECE OF PAPER FROM US. NOT THAT HARD. YOU COULD HIRE A MONKEY FOR A JOB LIKE THAT. BUT NOOO. WE HAD TO STAND AND WAIT AROUND LIKE IDIOTS.

6. you have no idea how mad raffles hospital made me. singapore is a horrible place with people who have no manners and terrible service, no matter what industry you are in. the moment they are not serving a person who is white, they show their true colors. the only way you get some attention around service is to put on a fake western accent and fool them into thinking you are not a heartlander. cos the moment you reveal your heartlander status, they just tell you to shove off and wait while they, i dunno, scurry worthlessly and gossip amongst themselves while the phone rings off the hook the whole time. to be fair, they weren’t REALLY gossiping, but STILL………… they made a lot of worthless idle talk which THEY SHOULD HAVE SPENT JUST TAKING A PIECE OF PAPER. FROM ME AND THE 4 OTHER PPL WHO WERE WAITING.

7. calm..the..fuck..down..weiss.

8. big bang is so cool

9. my $210 book shipped, cool

10. i dont want to fucking go to work for fuck’s sake seriously this is pissing me off so much lololol.

11. i put on too much weight during my holiday but i am fairly confident that working will make it go away

12. i bought my brother and sister left 4 dead, i tried playing it, it only made me sick

13. my mom is pissing me off, she keeps saying shit like, “don’t be short-tempered at work”, “you have to be responsible for yourself and wake up on time”, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULL SHIT. I AM THE ONE WHO GOES TO SCHOOL ON HER OWN ACCORD. I HAVE BEEN WORKING 4 WHOLE FUCKING YEARS WHILE AT UNI. I MADE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY OFF MY UNI LOAN BY THE TIME I GRADUATED. IF IT WASN’T FOR MY DAD IT WOULD HAVE ALL BEEN PAID FOR NOW INSTEAD OF ME HAVING TO PAY IT OVER AGAIN. i am well-respected by my co-workers, well thought of by my peers and very sought after by my clients. AND FOR SOME FUCKING REASON SHE THINKS I AM SOME GIANT BABY WHO IS INCAPABLE OF BEING IN A WORKING ENVIRONMENT. i am SO FUCKING MAD SO MAD SO MAD SO MAD


15. make time stop so i don’t have to think about this again.

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