weekend… halleluuuujah

was late to work on friday (by 10 minutes…) but got lucky enough to see a rainbow as a result!!! that made me smile! who gives a fuck that i almost fell off the bus afterwards? :P

there goes my first week at work, during which i have done nothing but whine every single night to him and he has done nothing but listen and be encouraging. i can’t ask for anything more. =)

still not so used to the rhythm of working life; in some ways i feel a bit liberated from the mundane humdrum of not having no real responsibility or purpose in life, but the exchange of that for a cycle beyond my control can be too much for me. i hate that i have to answer to someone else, some other people, whom i truly don’t care about…

guess i am learning some stuff though. i don’t want to write about work, even though it took up 50 hours of my life this week. that’s how much i don’t care. and i hate that i don’t.

but friday made up for everything: went to watch night at the museum 2 with my cousin elvina (the darling of my life!), my aunt and my family (-dad…). it was so fucking hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable, and i felt all the stress and dissatisfaction and unhappiness from the week of being part of the Working Society dissipate.

elvina is so much older now; i still have fond memories of the times she tortured me with her tactical attention-getting antics – like when we had to baby sit her during the holidays and she would wake me up at 8AM and i would have to put on the telly and throw on George of the Jungle just so she would sit still… or her wonderous expression when she first tasted campbell soup, how magical it was to her that the gloopy can of stuff could become a delicious soup; or the times when we ate jumbo hot dogs with cheese in the middle and the squirts that she made when she bit on the ends too hard; now she is going on 12. time flies too fast.

family sat down and we talked until 3 am. it was weird to see how we could all relate to each other despite not having spoken for months. all the youngsters are joining the workforce now i guess and our grievances are common; i called our plights and refusal to comply to stupidity a genetic fault, and everyone laughingly agreed. whatever reasons we might have personally, our judgments of others beside us stick out like a sore thumb – we can’t deal with stupidity. not when we were 16, not now when we are 20, not ever even when we are 30 or 40 – as evidenced by my very angry working aunts. i love this family. i love how we swear in front of each other, how we are suddenly enamoured by the korean culture; i love how strangers are roped in, never leaving anyone out; i love the delicious bbq we always have, the endless rowdiness that just spontaneously happens whenever we are together; this energy i can never explain. this energy i am blessed to have even ever experienced once in my life =)

tell me something good


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