i do it for love love love

man i read my last post and lol’ed so hard. the typos made me sound like a complete imbecile. it was great comic relief.

i got to work this weekend again (figures)…everyone picks on the rookie, give me the shit bits of the job that doesn’t count for much but is hella annoying to do, make me come back during weekends knowing i can’t say no since i am under probation, blahdittyblah

how much can a person fucking complain?!? honest to fuck! i am so sick of hearing myself whine!!!

actually its odd that i am all super negative here because i have been more proactive and less complaining in view of what i’ve been shoved with this week; i am getting busy… which is sort of a plus and minus thing. i definitely need to work from home, in fact every night this week i have just been working after i come home… but i think its not so much “oh my fucking god i have to do this again” but more “lets make this greater than great”. that’s alright by me.

i got assigned my first ‘big’ project… my supervisor is walking me through it since i have no marketing experience but i am pretty excited! i delivered 2 electronic direct mailers and produced one of them myself (teehee), made a logo, set people straight on the holy path of technology, stole local admin rights on my computer (shh!!!!), made new friends at the office, finished workshop and left a great impression on at least 3 people, learnt to make 2 types of balloon animals , battled giddiness and migraines, slept soooo very little, endured a computer with 512mb of ram (srsly wtf it ran out of memory trying to open a 12mb jpeg in photoshop W T F), resisted the temptation to just take $1k and get a decent lappy to do shit on (i am not spending money on work they pay me too little as it is) and had an incredible week with the bf. good fucking shit. :)

tmr the nightmare starts, i am so sure. everytime i am thankful and stuff, shit just conveniently hits the ceiling fan

tell me something good


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