things i love

1. green grass that never stops being so curiously pretty regardless of its supposed insignificance in today’s world
2. paul frank (shut up)
3. k bones
4. my iphone (if it is not out of the question i would like to have its children)
5. eureka (!!!!!! sheriff carter ;_;)
6. the sweet smell of success
7. my dad
8. my mom
9. my mom on an ipod playing solitaire and bejeweled for 12 hours
10. my new bedspread (i never want to get out of bed)
11. my new attitude towards work (if it ain’t done it ain’t done, don’t fret)
12. my new attitude towards the brokeass work computer (everytime it struggles to process my requests, i just take out my iphone and play tetris till level 15 — usually it’s done by then)
13. clouds
14. soaking my feet in water while eating lunch
15. my computer (huggies super speedy child of mine, i hereby name thee wonder baby)
16. smelling like yu yee oil
17. dotchi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. my camera (till death do us part…k)
19. kbones (again!)
20. korean music (you are my booooooooo ^_^)
21. roniel romero (my brother from another motherrr)
22. durian (:X)
23. birdies!
24. swine flu!!!!
25. being able to stay awake at 3:27am at night without feeling like shit!
26. firefox 3.5 ^______^ i ditched chrome.

tell me something good


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