must write to commemorate this festive moment which has brought upon me the greatest joy of a lifetime: FUCKING FREEDOM!

part of me is like, fuck this shit i never want to think nor write about it, but i realized that this is a hallmark of my adult life and it would be a pity to not write it down so i can reflect on it in the future.

but you know i really dont have much to say about it!!! it’s gotten to the point where any analytical thought is superfluous and the facts stand for themselves and vindictively justify my instincts as a girl and a lover so i am just REALLY satisfied right now. no remorse no pain no suffering and just this relief that brings about the greatest pleasure of all — FREEDOM

and if anything else, i think that the support i’ve gotten from these people i play games with has been quite incredible regardless of how harsh they were or how they handled the situation with me. i mean i understand the complications and i have no blames or resentment because that’s just life. what else do you want. but if it were not for the GREAT BUDDIES i have just made in the past week i would not be alive. i would be uh that worthless desperado whose only intent was to destroy herself and the one who betrayed her

when all is said and done, and i do like quoting myself since the truthisms have just been rolling in, all that’s left is a tragic meme! and moving forward, nothing but happiness.

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  1. Www.Bsarch.Org Says:
    February 13th, 2016 at 4:52 am



tell me something good


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