this time is different, i dont even feel the distance, im not missing IM NOT FUCKING MISSING YOU


today was a day of great success and failure. success because i managed to leave the conundrum of mundane work life for just 1 day. failure because tomorrow it comes back to haunt me!

extrication is an interesting concept that has been brought to me very often lately. past one month it has almost been a discipline in itself when i think about how i have behaved in terms of my emotional stability. i was actually really enjoying not feeling like a piece of shit psycho every 2 seconds. but obviously all good things come to an end.

what i dont understand is how you can claim to want to have absolutely nothing to do with somebody and yet find yourself stupid enough to involve yourself in their personal space. soooo i was hoping for some complete detachment but of course, pyth kuratchi being the dick that he is can barely think about anything else but himself and ruin my online pleasure and space

what a fucking douche seriously

people keep saying that i talk about this so much and this indicates that i care about him still but it has nothing to do with that. its more like, “what the fuck get out of my peripheral vision son of a bitch”. i dont like him any more – any more than i liked myself back then, and all i wanna do now is jump forward into the infinite future of good fortune and blessings without the complications of remembering the idaho and utah past

I DETEST THIS SCENARIO, so i made a definitive decision to erase things in the way that i can best handle without any extremity

lets hope this lasts more than a week.

anyway. work starts in approximately 5 hours and i just cant waiiiiiiiiiit for my genius bosses to tell me all the things i have done wrong. you knoe in retrospect i’ve always thought that work cant be so hard as to screw up in every step of the way but i have come to the sad realization that i have become progressively, exponentially worse at my job. and i cant actually fix anything without trying. so in my current state of heck-careness, this is pretty much the end of the road for me

i even contemplated not working so as to escape the complications of being a failbot in s******.

what a ‘life’…

halloween’s upcoming and as always im expected to work. i dont know what the fuck is wrong with these people. its as if they think that the paltry $1,695 bucks they give me a month is enough to compensate for all the opportunity costs i have lost when i do not have my weekends to myself. SERIOUSLY!!!!! EVERY DAY!!!!!!! I GET HOME AT LIKE 10!!!!!! AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY!!!!!!! BECAUSE IT NEVER SEEMS LIKE I FINISH MY WORK EVER!!!!!!!!!

exclamation points for extra drama and sadness. \

raq’s birthday is upcoming and we’re supposed to get shitfaced together. idk if i can handle a drinking session, might be a breaking point of QQ and emo that will continue for another year or some shart. this life sometimes is truly exasperating

somehow, no matter how advance i level in my logic, i still come back to the conclusion that disappearing is the best way to deal with everything

but for now, i am just hoping that khalil boulos disappears forever.

o and i reformatted my computer, win 7 and media center is pretty beast man

addenum: and i just got my period YAYYYY FUCK

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  1. Situs terkait Says:
    March 31st, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    Situs terkait

    this time is different, i dont even feel the distance, im not missing IM NOT FUCKING MISSING YOU

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