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just the best or what

his royal highness grumpy old man silk farmer dude commanded me to write a post of the blog which has led to the creation of this lump of text henceforth known as WEISS SHUT THE FUCK UP

emotive is a nice word to use on insensible, emotionally overwrought whinefests who can’t look beyond their own problems – not a strange coincidence that people often use such a word on me…

hosted BSO 2009 on sat. and was absolutely amazed at the crowd response; apparently this is the ~year~ for our booth, ~unprecedented~ reception from all the interesting people, met a few irish men who were REALLY CUTE! BUT WHY SO SHORT?, alot of weirdass japanese people hanging around (you really can’t tell they are japanese until they open their mouths, and the women are like all bambi-eyed and fairskinned) and of cos the awesome brits who make me swoon with that cuteass accent

loadsssss of different people, good experience. i lost my voice for abt an hr afterwards cos its epic fail to say HI! GOOD MORNING! WOULD U LIEK 2 BLABLABLA? at a frequency of 200times per sec

but then bcos of the overwhelming response i got off WAYYYYYYYY earlier. which led to the fatal mistake of answering ang’s phone call……lol. then again, this allowed me to enjoy SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111. the MANGO ROLL @ sushiteh is jesus christ reincarnated and deserves salutations from all corners of earth due to the amazement which is its taste of a crunchy lobster fried in between and rolled in seaweed and sticky rice with mango slice on top and the best crab roe ever. You can even get it delivered to your door through iLoveCrabs. No one beats

Afterwards went to dxo for a couple of drinks.. k i actually just had 1… as always the boys are mad rowdy and the girls just sit and roll their eyes… oooo… but before i went to ~socialize~ i bought a dress at topshop with a superduper discount (work benefits rock sometimes) and managed to avoid appearing like a roadsign (bso uniform was neon orange) at a club…haha. 1-0 me v.s real life

made some shitty excuse about having to finish wip and managed to escape home for a certain somebody~~` i really don’t mind, i kinda enjoy it actually… had a fantastic time following that morning though i felt like i was papa bear and i ate 12 goldilocks that nite…fucking period needs to end, its like an infinite bloatfest, fuck my life……. i think if i jumped my fats would oscillate for at least an hour


that would be funny.

(notice the degree of appearance as an imbecile i have managed to incorporate into this blog post. yyx you better appreciate it. its all 4 u.
dats all)

brb putting on my serious face


it was an interesting weekend to say the least; catching up with old friends and bonding with yyx, thinking about what i want in life and wondering how close or far i am actually to it. a lot of times i seem to imagine life in a glamorous fashion, but in all earnestness, if nothing else, this job i have has taught me that life is anything but. day in day out we takeover every aspect of production – a one-woman show to market an event that runs about 5,000 large in attendees, $30,000 budget to project a media plan that measures more like half a million – everywhere there is a showcase of people who go way beyond their limit and break boundaries, make new ones… even a cynic like me has to blink and rethink the meaning of it all

today in the shower i had some thoughts, i thought about shithead9000 (woooow) and drew some parallels between him and yyx, yyx is a cutie with sincerity and depth that i truly admire, there is a quiet about him which makes for the most pleasant companionship. i really like that. i thought about shithead9000 mostly because i wondered how much i knew about yyx. what’s his fav food? what’s his fav pizza? what’s his fav drink? what’s his fav band? what’s his fav colour? who’s his dream girl? what’s his dream life? some things i have answers to, others i can somewhat guess….. but don’t know…

hmm… but in retrospect.. i know shithead9000′s favs purely based on time spent wif him, which i too wanna accomplish with yyx. i’m abit.. skeptical… once bitten twice shy… ye know ye know.

but i like the way things are going; yesterday was a bit awkward for me because i felt uber vulnerable. its not as if i have shut myself off to people per se, and even as it is i am still a large book that is wide opened, but some places i’ve cornered off, mainly separating pleasurable sensations from emotions, and yesterday was really hard to keep it separate still, and i cried a little bit ‘cos i felt infinitely, insurmountably scared of being thrown into a ring of fire for not heeding my past experiences…life as i know it is like the unstable charges of an atom, it could you know, neutralize, or implode for big badaboom


damien rice rootless tree, good song.



wish it had different hair



i’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck
than any girl you’ll ever meet, sweetie you had me
boy i was it, look past the sweat, a better love deserving of
exchanging body heat in the passenger seat
no, no, no, you know it will
just be me. =)