if you like it then you should have put a ring on it

ow i shouldn’t have drank so much last nite ;_; head pounding

woke up today and saw some shit that i really didn’t want to see and found out some shit last nite when i came back home that i didn’t like hearin’ either and passed out; i think i justify the midweek drinking with the terribad movie which is avatar – sorely disappointed!!!! why was it so cheesy and why did it feel like the most obvious exploitation of pop culture’s current need for fantasy/scifi stuff now? it was like a really long world of warcraft geek’s fantasy – instead of a lead who is fat/skinny/acne-infested/no-life, replace the ‘outcast’ attribute with a wheel-chair bounded dude and you’ve got yourself Avatar

fuck me sideways james cameron suck less

so i had to drink myself slightly sillier to forget about avatar, its nice to have dudes who don’t really know who you are yet so they are willing to take time and sit around with you until 3am in a bar and listen to you droll on about the most stupid things; i tested their patience time and again and somehow they stayed!!! and they pick up the tab too…yippeee.

omg i keep hearing this song!!! beyonce knowles’ single ladies kept on coming on in the car ride home and i lol’ed non-stop the whole ride home, felt so super high, and when i came home i continued these antics on the internet and i woke up with some really bad hang over that i had to take a hot shower and a shot of lime to get rid of

just sittin’ ard waiting for my hair to dry now… got to take a cab to work again… im soo tempted to ask ryan to come pick me up again but hmm i think he is gettin’ the wrong idea so probably a better idea to not do that…zzz

i wanna empty my ipod and refill it with shit but i dont even know if i can have the time to sit around and resync all this music

;_; not looking forward to end of day today.. so many pressies to buy back.. when i got back to office there was a bunch of birthday/xmas stuff piled on my desk and i felt intimidated.. it hink this is a sign that i have to buy shit for EVERYONE ;_;…………. and i am going to shop at the middle of today and end of today so i can not embarrass myself further

;____; least i get to have lunch at wave house today. maybe i will see that awesome barrel riding coach, he always look so cool on the wave!!!!!

;____; fk workkkkkk

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    if you like it then you should have put a ring on it

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