but yyx says WTB blog, so…i must do as my master says.

maybe it will be better if i write it down in point forms…:

1. i have close to 20 christmas presents i have yet to open o_O
2. my family stole my tote bags which i was using to hold the above o_O they just emptied them out into a paper bag and took them while i was out visiting the doc. sneaky
3. i got a teddy for free :D it is cute, fuzzy and now resides on my bedside table.
4. when i think of inches, i think of cocks. this teddy bear is 8″ long. hmm.
5. i went to the doctor and he was such a retard. i told him what was wrong with me, he wouldn’t listen, said a bunch of shit, said he would give me a SINGLE COURSE OF ANTIBIOTICS, scribbled like 5 other things on the paper, then sent me back to the counter to pick up my meds. and the nurse started giving me shit for cough, flu, muscle relaxants, fever, etc.? and i was like…. there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH ME YET. THIS IS WHY I AM HERE. i know there is something that will blow up soon and i need to prevent it! just give me the fucking shit for my sinuses. wth are you giving me 20 types of medicine?
6. i was madddd. and the nurse took off everything but the biotics course + muscle relaxant, and still the bill came up to be $50. ooookayyy.
7. i miss yyx.
8. i had so much fun with yyx this morning. his little brother is the cutest smartest darndest thing ever. and i like how yyx threatens to beat up his family every 5 minutes o_O
9. but babe, it was not cool to call your sister fat. not cool at all.
10. i got a whole box of chocolates in anticipation of the upcoming period.
11. i had mango bubble tea AND FRIES for dinner. YEAH!!!!
12. ‘what we have is worth its weight in gold’, although this is technically challenging as you can’t really weigh ‘us’
13. we don’t have any more gold, my mom sold them all because the gold prices are high now
14. it will cost me about $300 to visit china. cool!
15. i never want to leave my bed =( its so comfortable
16, i love you
17. i really do
18. why does it mean that we have to be together for me to love you?
19. i could still love you even if you didn’t love me back
20.if there is one person i want in my life forever, it’s you. even if it hurts
21. but when i like some one, i turn crazy, unreasonable
22. i’m still all the good things, but the bad things grow out of hand when i get angry, and i know you won’t like that person
23. which is why the 3 strike policy is quite good. fyi the 3 strikes is just an anger measurement system. im just not allowing myself to be angry until the 3rd strike. that way, you know that i am getting mad, and it doesn’t just ‘suddenly’ hit you like a dude buttfucking you in the back alley
24. am i really that hard to love? i think im really reasonable!!! just give me all your attention, look at me when we are talking, have the courtesy to think about what i may feel even if what you are doing seems alright to you, consider what you want and what it might mean to me, and i think we are usually good to go
25. you on the other hand!!!! are so hard to love sometimes. i want the inside, i saw the inside, that’s why i love you. and your inside is perma-encrypted and always changes passwords so i can’t even get an all-access pass. fuck you!
26. last few points seem like the minutes for our last session.
27. last session was fucking hot. mmm.
28. i like it when you tell me what to do.
29. i hope you don’t forget
30. remember… you can eat whatever you like, but you must ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH PEPPERONI PIZZA!!!!!

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    new balance ??????? 710


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