slices of life

man i am sooo tired. dunno why i insist on blogging before i retire.

did something a bit more social today. got up early (well, on a sat anyway) to visit grandma in hospital with my dad, mom, uncle and aunt. man it was a squeeze in their tiny little car. so many traffic jams all over the fucking place cos today is thaipusam and i didnt know. good thing = interesting things to see; bad thing = bored as fuck. but thanks to the mercy that is technology, i kept myself entertained with sxephil videos and awesome kpop.

as i sat in the car full of chinese people, glancing out the car window to see a sea of indians and culturally unfamiliar tourists, listening to trippy korean music on a device that was designed in california and made in china, i had this odd realization that our world is truly an extraordinary place.

its funny how things you dont usually appreciate are things that are the most interesting

man my breakfast was sooo beasty. laksa without chopsticks is weirddd. and the sea calms in there was soooo good. sighhh. im hungry thinking about it. and i didnt have dinner! just a bad sammich. ;_;

should probably have another beasty brekkie tomorrow morning.

my face itches.


i did some super cool thing to my macbook and made windows 7 run off bootcamp. so now i can play aion while not at home, but its weirddd when i hit the command key accidentally. trying to remap my keyboard is a nightmare in this fkn shit. so i dunno how long its gonna be before i finally acquire a FOURTH set of muscle memory for the windows7OnAMacBookKeyboard. o_O

also, this week i’ve been generally cordial with yyx, and its fun to just chill with him without feeling like shart. nick says its mercury in retrograde but im not feeling it. either my fates have been realigned or this retrograde has always been bullshit.

speaking of nick, i yelled at him massive today. i dont know how else i can get through to him. we have neither reason to live nor die, and it stands clear that what we have is what we must make use of. so i get mad when he talks about death as if it is something he has any right to own. i dislike his attitude towards life; since we’ve parted ways, things have been really awkward. there is always advice i want to give him but i withold; and i wish he could just take a second look at the facts between me and him and realize that we weren’t soulmates and we aren’t meant to be together. i want to be his friend but it gets so hard sometimes.



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    slices of life

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