1. when you wake up you do this cute twitchy turn around stretch thing that makes me smile every time
  2. when you squint you look really mad
  3. i dont think i’ve ever had anyone make me laugh at myself as hard as you do and not feel humiliated by it
  4. i love that you let me troll you back every day
  5. sometimes we mess up, but we always make up soon after… and you don’t tend to walk away from me.
  6. you shit talk in your sleep… hahahhaha
  7. i never get bored of looking at your face
  8. when i ask for a kiss in my head, i get one from you!!!
  9. you wake me up every day without fail =)
  10. you lead the way and i’m always happy to follow because i trust you.
  11. and i know, i may seem a little disappointed when you say you know you love me because you trust me, but i know how important this is and what it means for you. and i appreciate it with all my heart
  12. we make mistakes and we learn from it.
  13. we compromise with one another and never feel like we are sacrificing too much for one another.
  14. your infinitely impatient persona takes a backseat sometimes… just for me.
  15. you are so charismatic, but you don’t even know when other people are into you!
  16. i gladly eat the humble pies you bake me
  17. i think i am a better person because of you
  18. and i learn to love myself a lot more because of you
  19. every day gets a little bit easier because i have you.
  20. and i can only hope that you feel the same way too!!!!
  21. i LOVE Y O U.

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