starcraft, sotis & sci-fi

my love for sci-fi has been duly rewarded and indulged in of late: with the new starcraft out, nobody cares about aion anymore (plus with the shitty management they have going on there and the continuous show of befuddling incompetence, its a wonder if they don’t lose half their player base after July), and the funniest thing is, while i have been logging on to starcraft2′s bnet, i haven’t really been playing starcraft. i have been playing SOTIS – Storm of the Imperial Sanctum:

wasn’t ever really a big fan of dota but i am totally addictd to SOTIS >_> it must be the sci-fi theme, which i am a sucker for. i can’t count the number of times i have watched a movie just because it fell into the “sci-fi” genre – i am always desperate for some uber epic sci-fi drama!


which is why, when i saw that Splice was out on DVD, i immediately asked yyx to watch it with me – even though it was categorized under “horror” as well (I AM SCARED OF HORROR MOVIES).

yyx put it well – turns out it was more creepy than horror, though. reallllllllly creepy, sickening (but not as entirely tasteless as the human centipede) and definitely worth the time. and i am really surprised that the spliced creature, Dren, looks so different from the real actress

(i also just caught inception on sunday with R, but since we missed the first hour, and got confused to bits, i still really want to watch it again!)

new blog skin!

haven’t watched a movie with yyx in a while so i am really grateful for the 1.5 hrs i got with him today. we were going to fall asleep together but i had a pounding migraine, and despite trying to fall asleep for close to 2 hours, i could not. giving up, i came on to the PC and did some epic reskining to my evergreen basic wordpress theme and came up with this yummy layout. and now i am on a uber blog kick – i realized i didn’t post so much because i was really unsatisfied with the way my blog looked, but was too lazy and fidgety to recode everything since the structure here is really sound and fits most of my needs (2 years and counting says something). so, borrowing one of my newer ideas’ graphical elements, i reworked the base and now, i have to say, this is my FAVOURITE iteration of my blog. love it to bits!!!

i think i am going to do some retro blogposts, so i can kinda fill in the spots where i have slacked off. there’s a lot of stuff to post, and if nothing, i really could just post pix. :O)

i am really tired now though. musttt sleeeeeeeep.

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