pissed off

some people just never learn their lesson. i have only told him a million times before again and again i don’t like to feel like a burden on anybody, and still he comes up with creative phrases like “i can’t always babysit you” or just blame mememe when things dont go his way….FUCK YOU

im now at the point of emotional peak where i could either burst into tears or tear the skin right off him out of anger, whatever did i do to deserve this kind of abuse is unknown to me. i thought i was a catch? do people shit on their catches and make them feel like crap all day long?

i am so stupid. every time he says he will change, he will do something different, he never does. and i thought of all the people i might love he would be the one who is different, who will pass his own judgment. what is that, that we should always judge people by their ACTIONS and not their words? then how do i judge your ACTIONS, how do i judge how YOU ACT? how many more sorry’s do you think i am going to take?

how many more times can i slap myself mentally and call my suspicions paranoia, quell my own fears my own way, pick myself up when you throw me down, stop myself from crying when i want to, look up when i’m about to drown?

we’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. Dhananjay Says:
    September 20th, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    I miss my grandfather too. He tghuat me what a honey wagon was. A big tank on wheels full of human shit. A big thing in europe. He went to France in WWI(the war to end all wars) as a blacksmith. He learned his trade at the oil strike at Spindletop. In France, he shoed the horses and mules that pulled the big cannons and supply wagons. He was covered in mustard gas twice. Probably why he died at 65. His lungs were gone. Don’t forget how much older I am than most of you kids. I still think of him often with both pride and sadness.

  2. new balance ??????? ????????? 2014 Says:
    October 21st, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    new balance ??????? ????????? 2014


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