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ahh! blog? what!!!

vomit. wrote half a blog post but lost it cos of genius fail internet. i am really frustrated with the home network, i can’t tell if it is my adsl modem which is dying or the router, and since i am equally fond of both so i don’t know which one to replace first, or even to get back the same models.

the symptoms are quite clear cut – it is clearly a hardware problem – the network gets too congested, probably from the countless p2p requests from the video streaming programmes my mother and sisters like to run.

i am trying to promote more use of the internet as entertainment center in the house, so i am really hoping to fix the issue altogether.

there’s some budgetary issues at hand tho. i did pay for both pieces of hardware about 4 years ago, and i was extremely pleased with the amount i spent (about $300+) – but this time around,  i definitely can’t afford to put down that money. i also don’t want to. i can’t always pay for everything that the house needs that is I.T related, especially since no one else takes responsibility for downtime on anything. there’ve been days where i am not around, and they don’t even hard reset the router when the connection is down.

the ridiculous thing is my sister and brother both took networking classes at school. i learnt what i know from googling.

anyway this weekend was just plain horrible. yyx had some horrible news which completely changed his life (and to me, our lives). essentially, so bad, that it defined anxiety in my life. worse than feeling bankrupt, actually almost going close to being bankrupt, missing multiple deadlines during my last semester, getting a gpa so bad that i had to have multiple A’s to salvage it – the stress and emotional feedback i felt, just to be in that position – i never want to be in again.

its so surreal. one moment i felt like i could never be the same again, and the next, i was given a whole new fucking lease of life. and it wasn’t even really a problem for me per se.

this weekend i realized that i care really deeply about him. i felt responsible for his problems, and i went to a whole new level of self-blame, even going as far as to believing i am a jinx; at the same time i am disappointed that he thinks my life and his are 2 seperate entities – as far as i am concerned, in a relationship, if nothing else, you share your lives. you care for each other, you take each other through your troubles and joys – you make a life together.

enough about the emo stuff tho. everything else since yesterday has been wonderful, i had an awesome day with miss wang, my sister & mom, ate curry baked rice & realized that cheese pizza is made out of pure fat?? watched parts of ye wen 2 with my mom and discussed the movie, taught my mom how to spell AUDIENCE like 5 times & uh yeah.



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tokidoki desktop wallpaper

hello! do you like my wallpaper? if so, you might wanna take a look at my wallpaper tag for more cute wallpaper ^o^ thanks for visiting and enjoy!




[review] chanel earrings & charm

If you are looking for chanel earring replicas, look no further. really cute, high quality and for less than a dollar too!



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tokidoki means sometimes

tokidoki means sometimes

you can ask for the stupidest things on earth and if your boyfriend is as earnestly yours in the way that mine is earnestly mine, you will get it.

about 3 months ago, i asked for a simple (but, in my books, slightly exorbitant) gift from my boyfriend – something that didn’t involve lingerie, wouldn’t be a carnally pleasurable item and could only bring me, and not him, irrational joy – just to see if he could do something completely selfless for me.

being aware that my boyfriend is not good at picking out presents, i told him exactly what i wanted: the sephora tokidoki pittura brush set.

he balked a little and agreed to getting them for me after a particularly fun afternoon together. he thought it would be easy –  all he had to do was go online and buy the damn thing (i even linked it to him in my facebook) from the website and it would be over.

but little did he know… it wasn’t going to be THAT easy as doesn’t ship internationally!

baffled, he asked, “what can i do!” and as he pondered the question while i sulked and nagged him for weeks afterwards, he finally realized that there was only one way – he had to GO to sephora.

lets not forget, sephora is a painful place for men. it is a heady glitter infested pink festival that women delight in being. its heaven for so many of us, who appreciate the finer (and ridiculously expensive) tools to alter our appearances – be it to pamper ourselves, or to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. it makes no sense to men, because men like to think that they like women as  they are, and make up often falls into the category of “too much” than “not enough”. (little do they know that the ultimate goal of every woman is to appear as if they are not wearing makeup while wearing some, thus looking more attractive to men, and sephora is where it all begins)

so, i had quite given up on the idea of him doing such a thing for me. needless to say, my confidence in him sunk to an all-time low and i had to look elsewhere in our relationship for reassurances that this was just a minor problem stemming from inconvenience

soon, i had forgotten about it.. sure, i trolled him about it from time to time, but i never was too malicious. it just irked me that i had nary a token of love from him that wasn’t perishable.

(though if  you ask me today, that laugh and face of his is and always will be the most imperishable thing to exist in my head and heart)

about 2 weeks ago, he went home to america and in the land of the free, found the courage to step into a sephora, for me, then mailed the damn thing to singapore with a hefty postage just so i could be happy.

the deepest meaning of love is, here, where he knew, he could be embarrassed, be a fish out of water, an animal out of place, a bull in a friggin’ china shop, to visit some place like that, alone. he did it for me – ; and on that day that he did, while we discussed it, and laughed about it afterwards – there i found a memory that i will always cherish.

you see, some people think that you must conquer countries, move mountains, accomplish great things in order to prove you love somebody. the truth is, it is in your every day. it is your every word. whatever it may be, however slight, there is where you will find the deepest meaning of who he or she is to you.

that day that my boyfriend went to sephora, i found out who i am to him and who he is to me. that day i rejoiced. it took a year, but i have gone full circle to know how genuine he was about me.

sometimes, he isn’t very good at expressing how he feels about us, but whenever i look upon these atrocious brushes, i will always remember.

not sometimes, but always.

thank you my light, without whom, i might not have known laughter and joy in such simple things again. i am a lucky girl to be your weissy.



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aosept contact lens cleaning

asian girls are mad about these damn things known as circle lenses that make your eyes look bigger, pupils uber dilated and add all sorts of crazy colours to their eyes. being part of the horde i had no choice to conform to this maddening vanity and thus own a few pairs.

these lenses are purported to last to up a year, which is a statement that will make any opto, or even doctor for that matter, freak out. i once went to see a doctor due to a nasty eye infection from one of these, and she demanded i destroy my lenses and any thoughts about keeping them for a year

but because changing them on a monthly basis is kinda epic in terms of cost, i jumped when i saw this:

aosept cleaning!

it comes with a highly futuristic looking thing to keep your contact lenses in.
soak it in the indicated solution… and watch~

BUBBLES!!! the solution reactions with oxygen to create tiny little bubbles.
when you see it boiling away, it means that aosept is doing its job!

after 6 hours they are completely clean and ready to wear. now that’s way cool, and absolutely effective. i used to worry because mascara flecks drop into the contacts and saline solution, even the anti fungal ones, seem to be an inept way to clean them. now with this, i really don’t need to worry anymore ^____^

i tried on my lenses after the first session and was amazed at how comfortable and new they feel!!


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LONG long long blog post

oh~ how horrible. i have fallen victim to kdrama fever and have spent the last 2 days watching my girlfriend is a gumiho!

it’s a story about a guy who unintentionally sets free a trapped 9-tailed fox spirit from her curse of being trapped in a portrait, then depends on her source of magic to stay alive. of course its a rom com so there is a lot of epic misunderstandings and lovelorn scenes, but the humor is ace!

the lead actress is just way too adorable. her character is a naive fox-spirit whose greatest dream is to become a real girl. however, she who doesn’t understand that people are more likely bad than good and thus gets into loads of trouble. even the lead actor, whom her character is in love with, did not deserve her affection. i really hated that guy from the start but i hope the ending is a happy couple made out of him and her.

i thought the screen writing was really well done; they managed to weave in generic cinderella and romantic rival scenes in a way that really compliment the main plot!

the drama is at ep 10 on funshion and mysoju and as it is currently airing on korean TV, we will have 6 more episodes before finding out how the story ends. especially after that MAJOR CLIFFHANGER on episode 10!!! FUCK!!.

its so nice that YYX is really into it too! i showed him and he’s currently catching up reverently. he’s so going to hate the cliffhanger.


other than that i have been mostly unbothered by drama and blahblah. was frustrated as hell with the internet situation. even after buying the almighty asus rtn 16, there has still been so many problems.

damn router… even with its purported awesome hardware still experiencing drops, lags, etc.

on sat dad wanted to watch one out of the 8 epl play offs and cos of the damn shitty firmware that came with the router, sopcast could not work…i tinkered with settings for over an hour before finally pulling out the old router and immediately, sopcast streamed the football match live and in HD.

after that, the family decided to go out for dinner, and i took the opportunity to reconfig the router by flashing dd-wrt onto the router instead, replacing the original crappy, broken-english firmware of the router.

free and opensource router firmware

the controls on the new firmware is quite extensive; i got to change the no. of connections permitted + tcp udp timeouts. while those changes made my net really efficient last night, when the household woke up all hell broke loose again. slow downloads on my mom’s laptop, constant drop outs on mine. granted, i am using funshion, which is a p2p btstream software and tells very little about my uplink info (a problem that plagues all ADSL users when it comes to p2p), which is probably the reason why this is happening, i am still very annoyed that the 4am success story of a smooth wireless network didn’t repeat itself today.

i was going to make a last ditch effort and replace my adsl2+ modem which could be the reason why the speed is such a problem, but when i went to the mall, both of the electronic stores didn’t carry any ADSL modems. they all sold modem routers, which i didn’t want; the salesman advised me to get the router modems and told me the chances of me getting a standalone adsl2+ modem were very low. i scoffed and left. why do i want to bother with a piece of hardware that can potentially add another layer of crap routing to my already problematic network! besides, i know where to get them, just wanted to get them in a convenient way.

but i guess there’s no choice. when i do feel like it i will make a trip down to challenger or funan… bla.

drugstore haul :(

with that kind of disappointment in the tech part of my life, i kinda overcompensated myself. for a while now i thought i should start taking care of myself again – especially my skin and hair – which means conditioners, better shampoo and facial crap like moisturizer and toner. so i shelved out about 70 bucks to buy a buncha necessary shit plus a frivolous heart-shaped make-up sponge-

left to right: freshkon antibacterial saline solution, TOFU love sponge (TOO CUTE), herbal essences break’s over anti breakage shampoo x2, conditioner x1, hello hydration conditioner x1, arbutin whitening lotion (moisturizer), clean & clear oil-controlling toner (holygrail), st ives bright skin apricot scrub

the damage to my wallet is ok i guess, considering how badly i need this. my hair is uber damaged, lately, i have not conditioned it because everytime i buy conditioner it either runs out so quickly from the 3 other wimmenz in the house, or the shit breaks ‘cos it falls onto the floor since there is barely any shelf space in the bathroom. i end up using shampoo that isn’t suitable for my hair, and condition only when i absolutely have to.

since i got the clairol herbal essences dangerously straight leave-in straightener, i have been in love with the scent. so since the drugstore i went to today had a 2 for $11 sale, i kinda went a little overboard and bought 4. oops.

ah well, it was worth it. i need anti-breakage hair products so badly, my hair is too fine and breaks all day long. there is hair all over my room and it isn’t hairfall, its BROKEN hair, from when i comb it.i don’t know how it is that i still have hair, considering how everytime i comb it a shit ton of hair breaks and falls out.

i really like the herbal essences rebranding though. very hip and almost kiddish, but still really FUN. the website looks good too!

hello kitty >_<

i am not a good person. i know i need to preserve funds but i keep buying nonsense. i had my slight hello kitty kick last week and got a hello kitty USB key :\ but it is so cute!

HELLO KITTY USB THUMB DRIVE! 4GB. suuperrrr kawaiii~~~

i really only have one justification for this: since the new router supports usb drives, my 8 gb keyring has to go onto the router for remote drive purposes. so i need a new one to replace that :p

my macbook’s new bed

i’ll end this post with definitive proof that i am a horrible person :( my mac book has found a new bed for itself underneath my desk :\

on a box with wheels, is a bunch of T-shirts from work & other “memorable” events >_<

while watching k-drama i have found a need to put my drinks on the table next to my bed, which is where the macbook normally resides. but to make sure the drinks don’t mess with the laptop, i put it down there instead… i quite like it, it might be better being there, but still, what a shabby way to treat my lovely apple. :( i deserve to die for this. :X


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om nom nom at old airport road

should have blogged about this a while ago but i didnt’ cos i am lazy and any posts that require mucho pixx0rs take forever to do due to fail blogging skills. thats why there usually is only 1 photo, or some halfassed gallery!

but recently been looking at the blogs i do enjoy reading like, and realizing that i like them so much cos of the interesting content. interesting content is just not infinite text wall, its also to create ultimate photo balls! therefore, i wrote a small little script to put some shortcode into a caption, styled them and now we’re all set to put a bajillion photos on here!

old airport road is super duper important in singapore. its one of the food heritage centers, with some really delicious hawker food stalls. i first went there about 10 years ago and its kinda amazing how the food is still freaking wicked.

a couple of weeks ago, the family (sans dad, who was having a meeting with his temple) went down there for dinner. there was a horrible traffic jam on our way there, so when we finally reached the center we were crazy famished. in the subsequent 2 hours or so, was like the best dinner i have ever had with my family. we pretty much ate the place out. there was very little we didn’t order!

we jumped right into it with the best fried oysters ever. crispy eggs, sour chili, fried oysters = heavenheavenheaven <3<3<3 :D we ate that dish in a matter of seconds!

fried oyster eggs

then, char-grilled chicken wings with lime and another sour chili sauce. SO GOOD. licked our fingers cleaned~!

famed charcoal grilled wings

a 5-person portion of char kuay teow, singaporean-style fried noodles with dark soya sauce & fish sauce. mom joked that the hawker in charge seemed quite lost as to how fry it due to the unusual request to “upsize” the dish to feed 5 of us! it was really good, moist and not too oily. but weird because it had.. prawns? in it? :roll: i cleared my plate of it of the prawns, don’t like them on these noodles…

no prawns in MY char kway teow~~

we also ordered chili sting ray (bbq’ed), sea calms & more oysters, porridge, fishballs (teochew and cantonese style, one each!), thai green curry (bro’s obsessed about thai culture due to his thai girlfriend, but that dish was deemed a failure by all of us), hokkien mee and loads more. but i kinda ran out of steam with the camera and just ate. so ah ha there!

eating the zerg

one of those things that my family likes but i don’t is called “lala”. its a shellfish that is steamed, poached or stir-fried and served with balachan (fermented chili). when done with very fresh lala, the dish is supposedly really good. but it is HIDEOUS!

it is served with a deceivingly simple appearance:


the way you eat this $#@#! is by pushing in a tooth pick and pulling the flesh of the shellfish out. and that’s when the true horror appears:



even in my slightly adventurous mood i dare not eat that thing. i don’t wanna be infected…. :cry:

sugar cane drinks

one of the best ways to enjoy a good long eating session at singaporean hawker centres is to pair it off with delicious local drinks. my family’s prefered drink is the sugar cane juice drink, which often has a compromised quality due to the dishonest practices of hawkers. to get the juice out of sugarcane, you must completely flatten & roll out a cane, which is a lot of work.

most hawkers cheat by adding syrup to the drink and diluting it, thus having a greater quantity of the juice to sell. they often advertise their drinks with a “pure sugar cane” sign, but of course, if you have drunk as many authentic sugar canes (we grew up drinking great sugar cane juice at hougang st 21, 100% PURE juice – they juice it right in front of you!) as we have, you could be able to tell if they were lying immediately.

so we sat in front of a stall that was selling sugar cane drinks, which also advertised itself with the aforementioned sign. the stall owner was just standing there; business was brisk all around but his stall was just quiet. and as the night went on, we ordered COUNTLESS sugarcane drinks, but none from him! we were embarrassed about this throughout, but we just didn’t have any confidence in his skills.

however, as we finished up the rest of the food, we noticed his epic tagline…:


it seemed like a dig on our lack of taste in general, and feeling a justified amount of indignation, we decided to give his drink a try.

& it was like……the best one ever. it beats the hougang st 21 sugarcane stall by a mile and was PURE HEAVEN~

mabel loved it!!

so i guess we were totally wrong and humiliated… but who’s to say that he didn’t deliberately give us AWESOME juice to make us regret not ordering from him in the first place! :$:



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at last!!

was lying in bed watching Drop Dead Diva when yyx told me that HE got promoted from PLATINUM TO DIAMOND:D this made me happy. but a little bit disappointed that after being r1 for so fucking long i was still bronze :mrgreen:

plus been getting a lotta hard matchups recently but i kinda didn’t wanna play cos i had other things to do and didn’t want to face the demoralizing problem of losing :o

so imagine my HAPPINESS~ when i found myself promoted after losing 2 matches and winning 1! and the funniest thing is, i am rank 12 in my division. YAY ME!!!!!!

i intend to turn gold soon. :D must must must turn gold soon :D


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product photography (plus my 99 cent problem)


im inclined to think that every urban dweller has been poisoned by materialism to some degree, and this is my inane confession.

my recent problem has been the growing of an addictive habit: spending 99cents on ebay so i can open the mail every day to the suffering of  disappointment and elation each mail opening gives.

i actually think this type of retail therapy is much more effective in the long run; the thrill of hunting for something interesting & low priced keeps the spree & hauls away. in fact, since i’ve begun doing this, i have kinda stopped buying shit ton of stuff!…for myself, at least.

the goal is to get a 99 cent item, but in truth, i often go over. last few times i have spent $3, or so, and as long as its free shipping, its actually quite alright! beats going to mac and end up burning a huge pocket with a 99$ brush right?

product photography

now, if you have a camera & you tend to buy pretty things, the natural thing to do is to take PHOTOS of them!

it’s actually a very valid discipline in photography; known as product photography, it requires you to have solid primary photographic principles like balancing of shadows, highlights, composition & aesthetic treatment. the core challenge, however, is to style the subject, display them in their best light and create a commercial value to it.

since i have gotten so many little trinkets, i have developed somewhat of an eye to do this.. and i am kinda addicted. think this is a bigger problem than buying crap… XD


snowflake and pearl earrings from korea


hello kitty ring

i wish i could do this irl for a living… that would be cool :XO:


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me & my flowers


about a month ago, mom made me throw away my first bouquet from yyx and it made me tremedously upset. said it made my room stink, which is totally untrue, but even if it were, i am not sure why she gives a crap since its MY room. i did dispose of the poor dried bouquet though – even if i hate to admit it, i live under her roof and thereafter, her rules. and as i am an adult, i will honour my responsibilities & obligations to her.

the thing about those flowers is they are signifiers of a better time between him and me, when we had good communication, secrets weren’t afoot, trust was a given, intimacy was natural & the rough times were opportunities for bonding instead of events where we grew apart. so throwing them away, was like punching a hole in my heart, asking me to give up on things that meant so much to me.

mom told me, that part of my problem is, i hold on to things for too long, too much – and the flowers were a literal manifestation of that problem.

i disagree. i think that i love things because they need to be loved, i want to keep things because otherwise there is too little meaning in them.

i told yyx how it made me feel, when mom made me throw away the flowers. but i guess i didn’t really convey the kind of depth it had, in meaning, because at that time, i was finding it harder & harder to get through to him.

asking for presents from the boyfriend, is a growth of self. you see, i have always had problem asking for anything in life. when i was little, i would have problems getting off a bus because i didn’t know how to ask someone to make way for me. i would rather suffer a stuffy cab than to ask the driver to roll down the windows, talk to someone with bad breath with my breath held than to walk away from them – and so on.

but recently i have been asking for presents from yyx. things like flowers, sometimes lingerie, and that tokidoki thing – on the surface, it looks like i am becoming progressively more materialistic – but really, its more than that. i think, i have grown to a comfort level, where i can whine and gripe and be somewhat shameless – and now, asking for things. that’s something i have never done with anyone else in my entire life.

i had never gotten that comfortable before. and now i have. and i am thankful that its with him.

so now he knows, i like mango bubble tea and knick knacks that are cute and flowers ALWAYS make me smile. and while my favourite colour is green, i’ve been on a pink kick of late. i am not afraid to be frivolous and shallow, admit that i like shiny things, and not have to pander to any image of me that is just too dignified. i can be, unapologetically, me, and i think, i really really think, he gets it

anyway, back to the title photo of this post – since i’m kinda on my period, my mood has been sour and unpredictable. to cheer me up, baby got me some flowers out of the blue, and i was really, really smiley when i got them. ESPECIALLY because they are PINK & ORANGE, just like my recently dressed blog! i thought it was such a nice coincidence if nothing else. :XO:

he really does care about me. i need to remember that, and not jump to so many conclusions, and i do try, but sometimes it gets hard, because i am, after all, only a girl, and only want to be, the centre of his universe, heart and head, but of course, that is incredibly preposterous. if you want to get down to it, for someone who has a life & things to do in it, we’re as good as it gets. he cares. he cares & i care too.

and just for the record, things between us are great now. :)


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out of the system


i don’t want to whine and talk shit about people who i supposedly love and will love me back unconditionally so instead let me TRY to be constructive.

here are things i want to change & what i can do to make them happen:

  1. i want to be more responsible for myself
    • i will stop spending money on the unnecessary immediately
    • i will keep a PAPER budget of expenditure on a weekly basis.
  2. i want to be less responsible for others
    • i will ask for help when i have problems instead of imploding when i no longer have solutions
  3. i want to be less selfish
    • i will clean the dishes, all of them, every day, at 6pm from now on
    • i will think less of money as “mine
  4. i want to be more responsible for my appearance
    • i will tone & moisturize every day
    • i will wash condition hair every 3 days
    • i will exercise… once a week… for 30 minutes
  5. i want to be more mature about my relationship
    • i will try to think less of other women as competition
    • i will communicate to my boyfriend my problems rather than be passive aggressive
  6. i want to be more responsible for my LIFE
    • i will make my bed EVERY DAY even if i wake up at 6pm.

thats alot of shit to do to be honest but this is a small start. i will try try try and maybe i will stop being unhappy because of other people and be happy being myself.


where do i begin

stressed. depressed. like emo to the max.

its that time of th emonth again and no… not the period.

im lacking serious cash, my last pay check is not coming in any time soon, and the last pay check i was suppose to get is being chewed to bits by a rogue client.

so i have to start looking for a job again. i registered on a job website yesterday in a slight panic and i have gotten a few requests to view resume.

unfortunately i am not ready for that.

i still don’t know what i want to do.

my last job was an interesting combination of learning new things and using my existing knowledge. but it didn’t turn out like i hoped it would be.

and i think i need to consider my career options more carefully before i take the leap again.

i hated my last job for many reasons:

  • management red tape
  • job scope too heavy for me
  • could not do job well without sacrificing all personal time
  • asked to work on personal time without compensation, long work hours even though office hours are slated to be normal 9 – 6.30pm
  • often expected to/have to work weekends, holidays (new year’s eve…wtf)
  • bad mentor
  • expensive and hard to travel to, bad traffic, hard to get off island during night time
  • pay too low, too much work for my pay grade
  • shitty resources, especially in I.T., often have to resort to own resource in order to get work done. for example, community colour printer is hard to access but important to have and use, time wasting to use, community scanner is at odd location, requisition of tools required too much time.

i liked it because:

  • nice work environment & colleagues
  • pay on time…lol

i did marketing and interactive media but most of the time i was just managing opinions, like how to convey something to an agency, and i had very little control over what should be done based on unrealistic budgets. for instance, making a whole international campaign, and then assigning very small budget to the mechanism itself, to sustain the campaign…

i was not good at my job. communication with the agencies was horrible, i was very careless and i often treaded on toes of others. i am a brusque person, i got too comfortable with people who appeared friendly but in reality was not, and offended one person who made me feel very humiliated. when i was about to leave i also got very mouthy and told a lot of people i shouldn’t have that i was leaving

i left with a few grudges, especially against my department. i felt like my job title was not descriptive of my work load, and i felt so over worked all the time. i took sick leave, stayed at home and work, just so i could use a computer that didn’t suck dick.

the policies of the company were so tiring, and my tasks were never clear to me. eventually, i slacked off, ignoring most requests my manager made of me, delaying my working again and again because i realized it was that, or i just have to work sat and sun to finish the work.

i vetted a lot of art work, but at the end of the day it was what my manager says that counts. my opinion mattered very little, no matter how hard i tried to justify it. i felt very boxed in, i did not appreciate the kind of quality of work the company was producing in terms of media, and the advertising was always so complicated.  i received mixed directions from different people, when problems occurred my reputation for being careless made them automatically my fault. while i was in the branding department i was actually doing a good portion of communications, which was fine but made me confused.

in addition, while i went in hoping to improve things at my old company, i found the foundation and infrastructure of the IT environment so poorly done that it was impossible to do anything from within marketing. IT department was pure desktop support and did not help with the situation. anything that needed to be done had to be discussed on the radar, filed in black – they were so overworked too that they just did not have the energy to help with things that would actually benefit the company.

my ideal job would be:

  • 5 days work week, period.
  • job scope is specialized.
  • location is near train station.
  • IT resources are reasonable and as per needed by job.
  • able to feedback to management and see effect directly.
  • min. 30k/yr
  • opportunities for career advancement is laid out during initial contract.
  • OT or cab claim.

i really don’t know if i want to continue in marketing, creative and web media. i know i am good at those things, but my last job at that company has really destroyed my confidence. my friend told me i have so much raw talent that it doesn’t make any sense for me to be unsuccessful. but i recognize there are some innate problems with my personality which i have to be accountable for.

skills i have picked up from my last job:

  • writing creative briefs
  • project management
  • community management
  • events organization
  • branding

so i guess i can capitalize on those things…

ahhh what to dooooooo



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shoe sex


yyx loves it when im in heels but to be honest im not much of a heels girl. i only whip them out for when i want to feel good about myself, or when i am at work and i need to trample my peers’ confidence with the intense clicking of the heels as i march across wooden floors to intimidate them with my awesome presentations

plus, heels that are pretty tend to be EXPENSIVE!

so~ when i discovered, i kinda went gaga. not only do they have an incredible selection of shoes, they also are priced reasonably…or so it seems. to be honest, when you factor in shipping and the dishonest calculated shipping price, the shoes end up pretty expensive. i got 2 pairs of stilettos for about USD$43, which works out to be about SGD$56.  (NICE EXCHANGE RATE AMERICA)

not that bad but not that great.

the shoes are really pretty though! and it must be me but as i was putting the shoes together to take photos of them, i started to think about how the shoes were on top of each other and it was like they were having shoe sex to make more pretty little hot heel shoes. woohoo!

moar pix for droolz. pair ein:


give it to me baby


gold heels…SO HOT

pair zwei:


 stiletto with cross wraps


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gu ma jia: food pot


my family likes to eat out often and without transportation in the past, our choices were always limited to easily accessible places. now, with the family van, we get to go to places spontaneously and often get these no-parking-charges neighbourhood eateries like Gu Ma Jia (Food Pot).

Literally translated into “Auntie’s Home” the home-cooked style of the dishes served there are affordable and really tastey. The location is the problem though; while it is easily accessible from the Potong Pasir MRT, it is still a bit out of the way for most families.

We went there last Sunday spontaneously and I ate till my tummy burst! in addition to the classic chinese dishes which you will find in every restaurant, they also have some really nice originals which i have not eaten anywhere else.

my favourite dish there is their calarmari. butter garlic of CHEWY SOFT octopus done with these bits of chili, its so fragrant and the ultimate chinese appetizer! the dish is a huge indulgence because of the fried content but even the most health conscious of us will not be able to resist its fragrance. the little bit of herbs added to the dish really pull out the aroma of the fried bits!


Garlic Butter Calamari

we also got the salad cream butter prawns, which i didn’t like (ewww mayo) but my sister and brother loved. the prawns were fresh and sweet, but i really hate mayo.


Salad Cream Butter Prawns

The restaurant manager also recommended the Salted Egg Crab. it looked so nice that even me, the one who usually steer clears of crabs, couldn’t resist trying!


Salted Egg Crab

Incredible amount of crab roe in this one crab. i tried it. it was very…oceany.


you know you love it..xoxo

and lastly the assam fish head, done in an ULTRA spicy broth that just COATS your entire tongue with its brutal flavour. it will KILL your taste buds if you are not careful, but put it on rice, take any of the steamed vegetables and it is such an amazing dish. we devour this in a matter of minutes every time. dad thinks this is one of the best assam fish heads in singapore. i don’t eat fish usually (picky, only eat the freshest fish) but i love this! the tomatoes, brinjals and lady fingers are my FAVOURITE kind of spicy vegetables!


ASSAM!!!!!! FISH HEAD!!! ostensibly absent head hehe

we really love gu ma jia. it is a very homely and cosy environment and i always enjoy my meals there!

Gu Ma Jia (Food pot)

45 Thai Thong Crescent Singapore
Opened daily, 11am – 10pm