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oh~ how horrible. i have fallen victim to kdrama fever and have spent the last 2 days watching my girlfriend is a gumiho!

it’s a story about a guy who unintentionally sets free a trapped 9-tailed fox spirit from her curse of being trapped in a portrait, then depends on her source of magic to stay alive. of course its a rom com so there is a lot of epic misunderstandings and lovelorn scenes, but the humor is ace!

the lead actress is just way too adorable. her character is a naive fox-spirit whose greatest dream is to become a real girl. however, she who doesn’t understand that people are more likely bad than good and thus gets into loads of trouble. even the lead actor, whom her character is in love with, did not deserve her affection. i really hated that guy from the start but i hope the ending is a happy couple made out of him and her.

i thought the screen writing was really well done; they managed to weave in generic cinderella and romantic rival scenes in a way that really compliment the main plot!

the drama is at ep 10 on funshion and mysoju and as it is currently airing on korean TV, we will have 6 more episodes before finding out how the story ends. especially after that MAJOR CLIFFHANGER on episode 10!!! FUCK!!.

its so nice that YYX is really into it too! i showed him mysoju.com and he’s currently catching up reverently. he’s so going to hate the cliffhanger.


other than that i have been mostly unbothered by drama and blahblah. was frustrated as hell with the internet situation. even after buying the almighty asus rtn 16, there has still been so many problems.

damn router… even with its purported awesome hardware still experiencing drops, lags, etc.

on sat dad wanted to watch one out of the 8 epl play offs and cos of the damn shitty firmware that came with the router, sopcast could not work…i tinkered with settings for over an hour before finally pulling out the old router and immediately, sopcast streamed the football match live and in HD.

after that, the family decided to go out for dinner, and i took the opportunity to reconfig the router by flashing dd-wrt onto the router instead, replacing the original crappy, broken-english firmware of the router.

free and opensource router firmware

the controls on the new firmware is quite extensive; i got to change the no. of connections permitted + tcp udp timeouts. while those changes made my net really efficient last night, when the household woke up all hell broke loose again. slow downloads on my mom’s laptop, constant drop outs on mine. granted, i am using funshion, which is a p2p btstream software and tells very little about my uplink info (a problem that plagues all ADSL users when it comes to p2p), which is probably the reason why this is happening, i am still very annoyed that the 4am success story of a smooth wireless network didn’t repeat itself today.

i was going to make a last ditch effort and replace my adsl2+ modem which could be the reason why the speed is such a problem, but when i went to the mall, both of the electronic stores didn’t carry any ADSL modems. they all sold modem routers, which i didn’t want; the salesman advised me to get the router modems and told me the chances of me getting a standalone adsl2+ modem were very low. i scoffed and left. why do i want to bother with a piece of hardware that can potentially add another layer of crap routing to my already problematic network! besides, i know where to get them, just wanted to get them in a convenient way.

but i guess there’s no choice. when i do feel like it i will make a trip down to challenger or funan… bla.

drugstore haul :(

with that kind of disappointment in the tech part of my life, i kinda overcompensated myself. for a while now i thought i should start taking care of myself again – especially my skin and hair – which means conditioners, better shampoo and facial crap like moisturizer and toner. so i shelved out about 70 bucks to buy a buncha necessary shit plus a frivolous heart-shaped make-up sponge-

left to right: freshkon antibacterial saline solution, TOFU love sponge (TOO CUTE), herbal essences break’s over anti breakage shampoo x2, conditioner x1, hello hydration conditioner x1, arbutin whitening lotion (moisturizer), clean & clear oil-controlling toner (holygrail), st ives bright skin apricot scrub

the damage to my wallet is ok i guess, considering how badly i need this. my hair is uber damaged, lately, i have not conditioned it because everytime i buy conditioner it either runs out so quickly from the 3 other wimmenz in the house, or the shit breaks ‘cos it falls onto the floor since there is barely any shelf space in the bathroom. i end up using shampoo that isn’t suitable for my hair, and condition only when i absolutely have to.

since i got the clairol herbal essences dangerously straight leave-in straightener, i have been in love with the scent. so since the drugstore i went to today had a 2 for $11 sale, i kinda went a little overboard and bought 4. oops.

ah well, it was worth it. i need anti-breakage hair products so badly, my hair is too fine and breaks all day long. there is hair all over my room and it isn’t hairfall, its BROKEN hair, from when i comb it.i don’t know how it is that i still have hair, considering how everytime i comb it a shit ton of hair breaks and falls out.

i really like the herbal essences rebranding though. very hip and almost kiddish, but still really FUN. the website looks good too!

hello kitty >_<

i am not a good person. i know i need to preserve funds but i keep buying nonsense. i had my slight hello kitty kick last week and got a hello kitty USB key :\ but it is so cute!

HELLO KITTY USB THUMB DRIVE! 4GB. suuperrrr kawaiii~~~

i really only have one justification for this: since the new router supports usb drives, my 8 gb keyring has to go onto the router for remote drive purposes. so i need a new one to replace that :p

my macbook’s new bed

i’ll end this post with definitive proof that i am a horrible person :( my mac book has found a new bed for itself underneath my desk :\

on a box with wheels, is a bunch of T-shirts from work & other “memorable” events >_<

while watching k-drama i have found a need to put my drinks on the table next to my bed, which is where the macbook normally resides. but to make sure the drinks don’t mess with the laptop, i put it down there instead… i quite like it, it might be better being there, but still, what a shabby way to treat my lovely apple. :( i deserve to die for this. :X

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