om nom nom at old airport road

should have blogged about this a while ago but i didnt’ cos i am lazy and any posts that require mucho pixx0rs take forever to do due to fail blogging skills. thats why there usually is only 1 photo, or some halfassed gallery!

but recently been looking at the blogs i do enjoy reading like sheylara.com, and realizing that i like them so much cos of the interesting content. interesting content is just not infinite text wall, its also to create ultimate photo balls! therefore, i wrote a small little script to put some shortcode into a caption, styled them and now we’re all set to put a bajillion photos on here!

old airport road is super duper important in singapore. its one of the food heritage centers, with some really delicious hawker food stalls. i first went there about 10 years ago and its kinda amazing how the food is still freaking wicked.

a couple of weeks ago, the family (sans dad, who was having a meeting with his temple) went down there for dinner. there was a horrible traffic jam on our way there, so when we finally reached the center we were crazy famished. in the subsequent 2 hours or so, was like the best dinner i have ever had with my family. we pretty much ate the place out. there was very little we didn’t order!

we jumped right into it with the best fried oysters ever. crispy eggs, sour chili, fried oysters = heavenheavenheaven <3<3<3 :D we ate that dish in a matter of seconds!

fried oyster eggs

then, char-grilled chicken wings with lime and another sour chili sauce. SO GOOD. licked our fingers cleaned~!

famed charcoal grilled wings

a 5-person portion of char kuay teow, singaporean-style fried noodles with dark soya sauce & fish sauce. mom joked that the hawker in charge seemed quite lost as to how fry it due to the unusual request to “upsize” the dish to feed 5 of us! it was really good, moist and not too oily. but weird because it had.. prawns? in it? :roll: i cleared my plate of it of the prawns, don’t like them on these noodles…

no prawns in MY char kway teow~~

we also ordered chili sting ray (bbq’ed), sea calms & more oysters, porridge, fishballs (teochew and cantonese style, one each!), thai green curry (bro’s obsessed about thai culture due to his thai girlfriend, but that dish was deemed a failure by all of us), hokkien mee and loads more. but i kinda ran out of steam with the camera and just ate. so ah ha there!

eating the zerg

one of those things that my family likes but i don’t is called “lala”. its a shellfish that is steamed, poached or stir-fried and served with balachan (fermented chili). when done with very fresh lala, the dish is supposedly really good. but it is HIDEOUS!

it is served with a deceivingly simple appearance:


the way you eat this $#@#! is by pushing in a tooth pick and pulling the flesh of the shellfish out. and that’s when the true horror appears:



even in my slightly adventurous mood i dare not eat that thing. i don’t wanna be infected…. :cry:

sugar cane drinks

one of the best ways to enjoy a good long eating session at singaporean hawker centres is to pair it off with delicious local drinks. my family’s prefered drink is the sugar cane juice drink, which often has a compromised quality due to the dishonest practices of hawkers. to get the juice out of sugarcane, you must completely flatten & roll out a cane, which is a lot of work.

most hawkers cheat by adding syrup to the drink and diluting it, thus having a greater quantity of the juice to sell. they often advertise their drinks with a “pure sugar cane” sign, but of course, if you have drunk as many authentic sugar canes (we grew up drinking great sugar cane juice at hougang st 21, 100% PURE juice – they juice it right in front of you!) as we have, you could be able to tell if they were lying immediately.

so we sat in front of a stall that was selling sugar cane drinks, which also advertised itself with the aforementioned sign. the stall owner was just standing there; business was brisk all around but his stall was just quiet. and as the night went on, we ordered COUNTLESS sugarcane drinks, but none from him! we were embarrassed about this throughout, but we just didn’t have any confidence in his skills.

however, as we finished up the rest of the food, we noticed his epic tagline…:


it seemed like a dig on our lack of taste in general, and feeling a justified amount of indignation, we decided to give his drink a try.

& it was like……the best one ever. it beats the hougang st 21 sugarcane stall by a mile and was PURE HEAVEN~

mabel loved it!!

so i guess we were totally wrong and humiliated… but who’s to say that he didn’t deliberately give us AWESOME juice to make us regret not ordering from him in the first place! :$:

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