product photography (plus my 99 cent problem)


im inclined to think that every urban dweller has been poisoned by materialism to some degree, and this is my inane confession.

my recent problem has been the growing of an addictive habit: spending 99cents on ebay so i can open the mail every day to the suffering of  disappointment and elation each mail opening gives.

i actually think this type of retail therapy is much more effective in the long run; the thrill of hunting for something interesting & low priced keeps the spree & hauls away. in fact, since i’ve begun doing this, i have kinda stopped buying shit ton of stuff!…for myself, at least.

the goal is to get a 99 cent item, but in truth, i often go over. last few times i have spent $3, or so, and as long as its free shipping, its actually quite alright! beats going to mac and end up burning a huge pocket with a 99$ brush right?

product photography

now, if you have a camera & you tend to buy pretty things, the natural thing to do is to take PHOTOS of them!

it’s actually a very valid discipline in photography; known as product photography, it requires you to have solid primary photographic principles like balancing of shadows, highlights, composition & aesthetic treatment. the core challenge, however, is to style the subject, display them in their best light and create a commercial value to it.

since i have gotten so many little trinkets, i have developed somewhat of an eye to do this.. and i am kinda addicted. think this is a bigger problem than buying crap… XD


snowflake and pearl earrings from korea


hello kitty ring

i wish i could do this irl for a living… that would be cool :XO:

tell me something good


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