out of the system


i don’t want to whine and talk shit about people who i supposedly love and will love me back unconditionally so instead let me TRY to be constructive.

here are things i want to change & what i can do to make them happen:

  1. i want to be more responsible for myself
    • i will stop spending money on the unnecessary immediately
    • i will keep a PAPER budget of expenditure on a weekly basis.
  2. i want to be less responsible for others
    • i will ask for help when i have problems instead of imploding when i no longer have solutions
  3. i want to be less selfish
    • i will clean the dishes, all of them, every day, at 6pm from now on
    • i will think less of money as “mine
  4. i want to be more responsible for my appearance
    • i will tone & moisturize every day
    • i will wash condition hair every 3 days
    • i will exercise… once a week… for 30 minutes
  5. i want to be more mature about my relationship
    • i will try to think less of other women as competition
    • i will communicate to my boyfriend my problems rather than be passive aggressive
  6. i want to be more responsible for my LIFE
    • i will make my bed EVERY DAY even if i wake up at 6pm.

thats alot of shit to do to be honest but this is a small start. i will try try try and maybe i will stop being unhappy because of other people and be happy being myself.

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  1. dargonzine.org Says:
    November 20th, 2014 at 5:13 pm


    out of the system

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