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shoe sex


yyx loves it when im in heels but to be honest im not much of a heels girl. i only whip them out for when i want to feel good about myself, or when i am at work and i need to trample my peers’ confidence with the intense clicking of the heels as i march across wooden floors to intimidate them with my awesome presentations

plus, heels that are pretty tend to be EXPENSIVE!

so~ when i discovered lovelyshoes.net, i kinda went gaga. not only do they have an incredible selection of shoes, they also are priced reasonably…or so it seems. to be honest, when you factor in shipping and the dishonest calculated shipping price, the shoes end up pretty expensive. i got 2 pairs of stilettos for about USD$43, which works out to be about SGD$56.  (NICE EXCHANGE RATE AMERICA)

not that bad but not that great.

the shoes are really pretty though! and it must be me but as i was putting the shoes together to take photos of them, i started to think about how the shoes were on top of each other and it was like they were having shoe sex to make more pretty little hot heel shoes. woohoo!

moar pix for droolz. pair ein:


give it to me baby


gold heels…SO HOT

pair zwei:


 stiletto with cross wraps

tell me something good


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