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gu ma jia: food pot


my family likes to eat out often and without transportation in the past, our choices were always limited to easily accessible places. now, with the family van, we get to go to places spontaneously and often get these no-parking-charges neighbourhood eateries like Gu Ma Jia (Food Pot).

Literally translated into “Auntie’s Home” the home-cooked style of the dishes served there are affordable and really tastey. The location is the problem though; while it is easily accessible from the Potong Pasir MRT, it is still a bit out of the way for most families.

We went there last Sunday spontaneously and I ate till my tummy burst! in addition to the classic chinese dishes which you will find in every restaurant, they also have some really nice originals which i have not eaten anywhere else.

my favourite dish there is their calarmari. butter garlic of CHEWY SOFT octopus done with these bits of chili, its so fragrant and the ultimate chinese appetizer! the dish is a huge indulgence because of the fried content but even the most health conscious of us will not be able to resist its fragrance. the little bit of herbs added to the dish really pull out the aroma of the fried bits!


Garlic Butter Calamari

we also got the salad cream butter prawns, which i didn’t like (ewww mayo) but my sister and brother loved. the prawns were fresh and sweet, but i really hate mayo.


Salad Cream Butter Prawns

The restaurant manager also recommended the Salted Egg Crab. it looked so nice that even me, the one who usually steer clears of crabs, couldn’t resist trying!


Salted Egg Crab

Incredible amount of crab roe in this one crab. i tried it. it was very…oceany.


you know you love it..xoxo

and lastly the assam fish head, done in an ULTRA spicy broth that just COATS your entire tongue with its brutal flavour. it will KILL your taste buds if you are not careful, but put it on rice, take any of the steamed vegetables and it is such an amazing dish. we devour this in a matter of minutes every time. dad thinks this is one of the best assam fish heads in singapore. i don’t eat fish usually (picky, only eat the freshest fish) but i love this! the tomatoes, brinjals and lady fingers are my FAVOURITE kind of spicy vegetables!


ASSAM!!!!!! FISH HEAD!!! ostensibly absent head hehe

we really love gu ma jia. it is a very homely and cosy environment and i always enjoy my meals there!

Gu Ma Jia (Food pot)

45 Thai Thong Crescent Singapore
Opened daily, 11am – 10pm

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