bleah bleah moo moo mood


1. cloudscaping is super duper fun

2. roniel & i were talking about random shit like his nab break up and how scrubby i was back-in-the-hey etc., and he casually mentions, “angela reckons i look like bruno mars”, and i was like. “DUDE. YOU SOOOOOO DO. I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU IMMEDIATELY WHEN I FIRST SAW HIM!” …… okay random but its one of the better convos i’ve had in a while cos it made me feel psyched.

3. kkk main point. i had a job interview. today. hahahahahaha. i’m pretty sure i will be offered the job but im not gonna put my hopes up cos i am so thinned skinned, i would probably feel rejected dejected and implausibly demoralized if i don’t get selected. but the way the 1.5 hour meeting ended, was more favourable to me than not

4. after the interview i was suppose to go winter clothes shopping with sis ‘cos she got her bf to buy her a ticket to birmingham but she was a no-show and asked me to pick up her shoes at topshop instead. so i ended up buying her that 59dollar pair of shoes, i dunno why i did that, i really can’t afford it. but it seemed a bit petty to ask for the money back?

5. baby sis was like going crazy about dunkin donuts a couple of months back but since the outlets are all in town and town is mad expensive to go to, we didn’t get any. cos the job interview was downtown i got her some. but i got mad at her today. see i was playing sc2 and i KNOW i was going to get promoted cos ive been playing nothing but golds, and i was hitting some zergs pretty damn fucking hard, but cos my MOTHER is a genius who LOVESSSSSSSSSS watching drama online, with my stupid ass brother hogging the bandwidth doing the same shit, using BITTORRENT pretty much p2p jacking my internetz, i lost. like 3 gold games. THAT I HAD IN THE BAG. one of them i was at the door step with 5 tanks 2 thors and a shit ton of scvs and marines, about to raze the mother fucker and yeah, i dropped. “DEFEAT!”…fuck you starcraft. so she pissed me off when i was so pissed off. i went to the living room and i was like emo max stressed epic unhappy (petty i know but hey heat of the moment etc.) – then she drops some snide remarks about whats the use of playing the game when it doesn’t make me any money, and i RAGED at her. i was like, how dare you. you haven’t even had a single job in yr fucking life that makes you more than $100 so don’t talk shit about me not making any money, you can jolly well go fuck yourself. ive never been so pissed at her before, seriously.

6. so the job i interviewed for pays very little but its so easyyyyyyyy its not even funny. plus ig et to work from HOME, i pretty much get all the usual work benefits and none of the work drama. i get to do what i love the most, and avoid all the things i hate, so the little amount of pay doesn’t bother me – especially since i know if i grow my portfolio with them i would be able to get a raise soon. but of cos my parents are super short sighted, dont think far ahead, and say nonsense like “so little pay do for what”….. im a smart girl. i know what i am doing is right. my biggest problem in the past was not being able to RETAIN my salary; i spent it EVERY DAY – going to work, having lunch, retail therapy sessions, going home and getting to work via cab – all that expenditure would NOT happen if i worked from home. and i am soooooooooooooo much happier when i don’t have to pretend i don’t wanna vomit at the thought of twilight and all this bull shit all these super old women with teenager mindsets like, like fucking justin bieber or something. NONE OF THAT SHIT. just 8 other people who agree, working from home is awesome, websites are wonderful, and if there’s anything that needs to be done just CALL OR EMAIL OR MSN!. … dream job, except for the pay, but that… is negotiable.

7. also after i got mad at my sister i played the pre zoukout mix that ivan eclipse made and omgomgomgomgomg<333 i want to go rave out so bad. haha. so now i am just putting on all the tiesto and getting high on the sick beats. :( i love dance music i just dont like sweaty bodies and the other unsavoury things that come along with dancing at clubs and music festivals and beach parties…blabla

8. sigh i have this recurring fear now that yyx’s mom and sis will hate me and i am getting too fat and yyx will hate me cos i am a chubster now. yyx standard reply: “you’re retarded” :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

9. marina bay sands this sunday but can’t go cos bro going to genting with his NEW GIRLFRIEND who is visiting from thailand and staying until end of this month. she is SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and miss wang loves her super much. i hate it :( miss wang doesn’t like me half as much as she likes her :( and i am the one who hugs and give kisses to miss wang every day:( dogs are like babies and men, they only like things that aren’t regularly available :( i hate that.

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