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flash fullscreen hack


fact: watching shit on two or more monitors on the internet is a pain in the butt because flash video, the dominating technology for streaming sites, does not keep videos fullscreened when mouse activity outside of that monitor is detected. that means i can’t have fun watching starcraft replays while playing it >:|

this is of course no bueno. which is why, i am happy to know this super solid piece of know-how:

you can hack your flash video player dll to keep the damn window fullscreened!

here’s how: http://lifehacker.com/5560912/keep-flash-101-in-full-screen-on-a-second-monitor

for my reference:

using Google Chrome (as Chrome now comes with the Flash plugin) open

replace 74 39 83 E8 07 74 11 83 E8 05 75 13 8B

74 39 to 90 90.

that’s all.

now if only the damn developers realized this + google chrome stops updating the dll every time it updates google chrome.

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