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absurd fears and occurences

i have like a shit ton to blog about.

i fixed my laptop about 2-3 weeks ago thanks to the wonderful people at sapura apple, who gave me a free charger since i was still under warranty. superb apple care! yayz!.

since then i have really quite enjoyed surfing while cozy in bed, watching replays close up and chatting with people before dozing off and stuff like that.

having a laptop is a great convenience.

things been quite shitty for me of late. life is like a big pile of horseshit and i dont know what to do with it. they say life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so i guess since life is giving me horseshit i should plant some damn plants?

there’s a lot of problems and i would feel like a broken record if i wrote them all down so i would rather not.

suffice to say, life hasnt turned out the way that i envisioned it, which is a very absurdly common occurence.

why is it so hard to control your own destiny? shouldnt the desire to have it be enough to force it into reality?

well, at least – i got 99 problems but a bitch aint 1.. i guess.

my birthday is tomorrow.

absurd fear that no one will wish me happy birthday.

then who will i QQ to? lol.

to be honest i wouldnt be surprised if no one cares enough.,

wouldnt be the first time

birthdays have always been sordidly depressing for me. being born in dec, just 3 days after my brother’s birthday, i ended up always having to share parties with him, if we even got any – and the guests were always informed that it was my brother’s birthday and not mine, so i ended up getting nothing

yeah! i was a pretty neglected child.

when i became a teenager, birthdays weren’t celebrated by classmates either, since i was born in december, meaning its school holidays when it happens, so nobody from school really cared. for a couple of years in between though, i did have friends who made a big deal out of it, and i felt pretty cool,

nowadays its just something that happens once a year. the only people who tend to make a bigger deal out of it are boyfriends, but of cos i’ll be having none of that this year!

who cares!

its just the day i was born.,

which is probably more of an occassion of regret than celebration.

i hate my life.




birthday post~~~~


ha. its been 3 days since the fateful happening of my birthday, and though i had lamented the general nonchalant attitude with regards to my birthday, people actually paid attention to it. i had a really nice day, beginning with various phone calls from friends, who called worriedly as i had not replied to their birthday wishes via text – apparently they had been texting me the entire day and i didn’t receive anything! pooey. its nice to know that people care though. yes yes i could count with both hands the number of people who said happy birthday, but hey… at least somebody cared… :)

really i dunno why i get so emo whenever this time rolls around. this year i’m kinda spoilt rotten…!

yyx got me flowers after i badgered him about not doing anything about my birthday. yaya i know he was stressed cos of exams and shit but damn it i reminded him daily for like 2 weeks before the damn thing, and had been casually mentioning it the month before, and what the hell does he do? wait until 2 days before it happens to do anything -_-


red roses with white freesias and baby’s breath :D

i gotta say, the flowers were gorgeous, and whatever anger i carried dissipated. especially since the cousies were staying with us & were gushing over it…

family decided to do a double celebration for me and my brother’s birthday at jumbo seafood restaurant at clarke quay- cadet KT had just returned from a 3 day birthday trip to visit his girlfriend in thailand. he relegated us with amusing tales of non-stop cake stuffing – his courteous hosts and friends of girlfriend showered upon him so much love and attention during his short visit, going as far as to celebrate his birthday every day he was there!. his stories made me smile and feel warm inside. he talked about gigantic shrimp that were as big as the lobsters we ate, and the absurdly low prices for everything there – it sounded like he had so much fun, i was happy for him!


what to eat… lets have fried rice first!


seafood fried rice & buttered cheese baked lobster

had some epic argument on what to do to the lobster which my parents were set on ordering – finally decided that the 2 different lobsters we ordered should be done in 2 different ways, instead of the usual lobster salad we usually get done at this restaurant. so we had one baked in cheese and butter, one in a wine stock.  it was reaaaaalllly good! i enjoyed the cheese sauce especially, although the heavy butter smell really turned me off initially.

dinner was great, but expensive. my sister tried to ninja a birthday cake into the restaurant – she was going to  surprise me with a banana chocolate cake from awfully chocolate and i totally foiled her plans by guessing that she had done that the moment she arrived. she was exasperated by what a smart alec i am :p

after dinner we went on a walk by the quay and decided to get some dessert… from the mischievous turkish ice cream man:


the turkish man performs a variety of comedic tricks when you buy ice cream from him, thus drawing crowds whenever an order is made. his act varies depending on who he is serving…its always funny though! my sister got a mango yogurt from him, which he decided to “steal” her icecream by keeping the icecream on the scoop, and handed her just the cone biscuit – when my sister questioned him about the ice cream, he feigned ignorance and suggested that my sister had finished the ice cream that quickly:


“where is my ice cream!!!!”

the girls could not stop giggling. the nice man eventually handed over the ice cream :)

then we walked over to gmax where the girls stared intently at the free falling cages and swings. bu the absurd prices kept us from getting on the attraction – at $45 per pax, i would be better off paying for a concert or an hour’s worth of wavehouse sentosa.

after walking away from g-max, qiqi saw the marina bay sands building and freaked out! turns out she has never seen this before. i felt a bit guilty for not having brought her to the new integrated resorts – but it seems like such an adult place, that she would probably not enjoy it anyway. to commemorate the moment of fascination, i forced them to take a picture.


posing with the “plane” … of marina bay sands… lawls

it was a nice night. we didn’t need to take public transport as my brother very kindly chauffeured us around in the family van.

we then came home and spent hours looking at family pictures that i had taken in the last 10 years – i was surprised at how mamy photos i had made, and it inspired me to keep on doing it… probably why this post is so damn long :P

birthday presents