marina bay sai park


during the last week of dec, we visited marina bay sands, the newest integrated resort to hit singapore’s pathetically small ground surface.

dreadfully, unjustifiably extravagant and expensive, marina bay sands is designed specifically for those who have too much money and too little time to spend it. to make it easier for you to dispose of all your disposable income, they sell goods with exorbitant price tags so you can spend all your money on JUST one thing!

how ingenious!

but the spending doesn’t just stop at luxury goods – they charge you the same ridiculous prices for EVERYTHING ELSE, too!

i made the heinous suggestion of visiting this place to my family in december 2010 – it’s not that i did not know better, it just seemed wrong to let my cousin, who was visiting from Australia, to go home without witnessing the stupidity of singapore. so, on a cloudy day, we set off to the sands.

we began by visiting the “shopping” portion of the sands – heaps of nothingness. this mall is HUGE, like INSANELY BIG, but there are only 2 star attractions – a “sampan” on the artificial lakes within the mall and this joke of a skating rink:


skating rink, aka “what shitty architects put in a mall when they run out of ideas on what to do with precious space”

made out of some “special” rubberized surface, you can skate on this with ice skates. we were debating on whether it was “really ice” when i pointed out that if it was, why the hell is everyone so skimpily clad on the rink? they should be bloody freezing!

cynic in me won with the superior logic, obvs

the other attraction,  the sampan, not pictured here, was  NOT worth wasting my shutter count on. a sampan is really just an asian boat, nothing fancy, but exploited as part of the sands concept, since it has some cultural relevance to singapore.  the ride itself is done on a HORRIBLY PLAIN indoor water route, which is basically a longass irregularly shaped swimming pool – just concrete walls and blue water, nothing interesting at all, save for the sights provided by these lavish shop fronts. and of course, the sampan ride is obscenely overpriced at $10 per pax. $10 bucks!! to ride on a stupid paddle boat around a mall and conveniently serve as a freakshow for everyone else NOT on the sampan. KNN!!

walking around, we got super bored and since cousin broke her shoe, had to go to crocs to get a new pair of shoes, which, btw, cost us $30 -_- for a pair of slippers.. ok.

then we  made the stupid mistake of visiting some shitty coldstone creamery knockoff known as “cold rock ice creamery


too good for your business: the management should put up a sign saying “you are NOT welcome here”

this place is just  a fucking joke. waited in line for near to 10 mins, no service, no hello – they didn’t want our business obviously. there were TWO people taking and making ONE order and even though i wanted my cousin to try out the kind of custom icecream flavours shops like these offered, their complete lack of customer service and just basic courtesy has turned me off forever. i will NEVER PATRONIZE this shop. in fact, i’m going to find out who manages this franchise and make sure to never get anything from anything they manage.



there isn’t much to do at marina bay sands, but i suppose if you do visit, you must go to the “sky park”. heralded as THE place to see the view in Singapore, access to this viewing platformis located on a 57-storey mega hotel:


 can you believe these are hotel rooms? and also, why so big??

because of the size of the mall, we got lost multiple times and looped around 40000 times before finally realizing where we had to go was across the road. then, the tumultuous task of getting to there SAFELY…took us about 35 mins before we finally got to the damn fucking park.

sky park access is chargeable at $20 per pax, which i really REALLY did not feel like paying for. but we forked out the cash and hoped for the best.

hopped onto the lift, which takes us all the way up to level 56 (FUN!):


this lift does NOT stop until you hit 56…or 57. coooooool


btw, if you are so lazy as to sit in a LIFT that lasts for 20 seconds, this is what should happen to you

i felt no pressure difference because i am cool like that. everyone else complained about their ears :P


lobby of skypark

so, what do you get for $20?

…a chance to share a platform with lots, and lots of idiots who also paid $20 to stand on top of a building!


and this is only a small portion of the no. of people suckered into this place

…a historic glance at some alien looking wheel perched atop a spike


what the hell is this even supposed to be?

…access to the MOST EXPENSIVE TIDBITS AND SOFT DRINKS KNOWN TO MANKIND ($5 for a bag of chips/twisties, $4 for ONE can of sprite/coke/urine)

from the creatively named “skybar”, which, BTW, also sells you tshirts announcing your ill fate in visiting this place for $50, just in case you needed peripherals to the insult this attraction has branded upon your memory


being one of, and the cheaper of, the only 2 places atop this massive viewing platform that sells any sort of drinks, no doubt they have good business

…the experience of envy as people frolic in the infinity swimming pool, only accessible by hotel guests of the $500/night rooms


i hope you fall to death for being rich enough to afford this

and, i guess, this pensiveness-inducing view:




which, you know, for all my complaining, was still quite something to behold. ^O~

what can you do on this place? really, just…







so will i pay $20 to visit this again?

they say pictures speak louder than words, so i’ll leave you with this:


p.s. that means, OF COURSE NOT LAH!

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  1. jake Says:
    January 7th, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Impressive pessimism from a morose resident!

  2. weissweiss Says:
    January 7th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    lololol ty :)

  3. Math Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 6:32 am

    WoW cool :D i want to be there, and if i am with u it would be better ;)

  4. casio ??? other ??? ??? Says:
    November 8th, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    casio ??? other ??? ???

    marina bay sai park

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