desserts is stressed spelled backwards


been a long ass time since i met up with some of my favourite people in the world, so am super glad we finally set aside a time to meet up yesterday! but as usual i fuck up in terms of timing…

i stayed up all night pulling some rubbish post on MBS + finish work on the premium brochure i am designing for Segway, then decided to feed wang wang, my red poodle, which resulted in a 3 hour chase around the house ‘cos i always feel bad when i need to put her back into the pen :( so i stayed up for the entire morning too!

this lack of sleep caused a deep hibernation that almost caused me to miss the meet up – luckily YN called and woke me up; when she asked where i was, i hastily lied and said “on my way” :o it was embarrassing and i apologized for it later

the meet up was great as always! we went to Ajisen Gourmet Town @ Nex . we ordered gyozas to share and i got the beef don because i hadn’t eaten the entire fucking day


vege/pork gyoza + beef don + miso soup

Dessert Bowl

we spent sometime to gossip about other halves before YN’s BF drove us to Serangoon Gardens for dessert/drinks


Located on the 2nd story of the building in Serangoon Gardens, Dessert Bowl is a quaint little stop for budget local desserts with weird yellowy retro decor…


the shop is lined with models of old school singapore food stalls fronts and random road signs with the name of the desserts available (???)

i was conservative and got the yummilicious lychee ice:

just good, how can anything with lychee NOT be good?!

met the other half of YN:

they make a great great couple and i am SO HAPPY she has found such a nice guy.

YN enjoying her icecream.mango.strawberry dish

i miss my friends already :( hope to see them soon

tell me something good


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