liquid jinro!!!!!! fighting!!!!!!


I LOVE LIQUID JINRO. NO OTHER WORDS ARE NEEDED. for a glimpse of his glory, hit: http://www.gomtv.net/2011gslsponsors1/vod/59850 (subscription required, and you should sub… because i said so :P)

i’ve been playing terran since release and i will be honest: i suck. it took me over 300 1v1s to finally hit platinum and still, i fall to strong 4gates. i feel like there is NO HOPE once you don’t kill a protoss before 10 minute mark or if you can’t contain. i’m not marineking, i can’t micro against HTs, i am just an ordinary gamer with crappy handspeed and the inability to emp properly, so toss is always an impossibility for me to beat late game, where macro is just not good enough – micro is the decider. i honestly have been WAITING for EVER for a terran to show me, YES, TERRAN HAS A LATEGAME AGAINST TOSS. TERRAN CAN WIN AGAINST TOSS WITH MECH. and my wish came true today when i watched liquid.jinro roll the BEST toss in the world, not ONCE, but TWICE with a mech terran build.

of course i’m not saying “oh you need to see someone else do it to do it yourself?” – its just that hope, that i some day, can beat toss with more than the one dimensional 3 rax 4 rax play i’ve been practicing what seems to be forever, that i don’t need to rely on the “OP marauder” to win games against toss, and for terran to really evolve in tvp – i feel like history was made today when jinro did what he did; thats his instinct and thats why i am so so happy to call myself a jinro fan!!

i havent felt this happy in a while ^________________^ today’s GSL (this season tbh too) was wonderful to watch. and i think tasetosis have never been as infectious with their energy as they were today. /HEARTS INTERNET!!!


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  1. SLG Says:
    January 20th, 2011 at 5:20 am

    if u suspect 4gate rush, build a bunker and control the xel naga if possible. when u see the protoss forces comming for the attack, send 5 scvs to repair the bunker when the enemy arrive. pretty easy and yeah JINRO HWAITIN

  2. ?Jinro Says:
    April 30th, 2011 at 1:32 pm


    you’ll love it :D

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