think positive!!

FIRST OF ALL! yay for me!!!!!!! i fixed that retarded previous post thumbnail bug, so there will be no moar broken images. :D

this post is going to be random shit because i want to push down that emo post i made, that was some seriously depressing wall of text; while i dont regret writing it at all, its not something i want to see everytime i go to my own blog (yes!!!!! i do that ok!!!!). it felt so much like a last cry for our relationship. like if it didn’t work anything out with yyx, that would be the end  - but thankfully, it did, he is trying harder and giving me simple things and simple joys. last 2 days have been a lot better for me and i haven’t been crying :p i hope it continues because i really hate being emo.

team liquid

every sc freak knows about team liquid, so imagine the kind of OMFGWTFBBQ i was in when i checked my site stats and found i had a few hundred hits from teamliquid - turns out a nice fellow sc2 lover had plugged my jinro blogpost on the forums – so thanks, xHydrax! it brought a huge smile to my face ^O^ go visit his youtube channel!!! he does great commentary, i’ve learnt a few things from him :)

people still seem genuinely surprised about this, but there is actually a pretty healthy sc2 female gamers population; i get asked whether i am a girl on sc2 quite often, since my ign is “tetrisgirl”. i personally know ~5 and know about more. for instance, kellymilkies (who stupid akira thinks is me), who is also from singapore! this female caster is a diamond, zerg-loving e-sports supporter who has her own livestream on teamliquid.

i’m hoping that someday i will be diamond too~~~ ^^ going to be practicing my 1v1 so i can fulfill my wish! in the mean time, BNET PLZ DUN DEMOTE ME FROM PLATNIUMMMMMMMM

house painting!!

in my never ending quest to colour the world the way i like it, we painted house on saturday with papa; our originally blue living room now is peach and salmon pink. yes yes, tis me who convinced my father to do such an unfathomable thing!

a lot of yelling and stuff happened.

papa mixing paint and going ballistic about keeping the lining straight; the pink on blue is so babyish :P


the pink makes people look so much prettier and stuff. i used to have to colour correct like mad whenever i took photos of people in the living room, but now, i am quite certain that this will no longer be a problem!

it really is much better than the blue before

puppy got locked in and was unhappy :( no running around for 2 days! OH NOEZ!

but, in other great news, her furcoat is growing out beautifully!


me on the other hand, oh my god. i fucked up my hair out of boredom and cut myself a mushroom head. now my hair is all wavy and i look like a retard. lol

i am really good at making myself look bad

and lastly… err… brochure for segway gogreen came out.. yay! i like. it looks nice.


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    January 27th, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    cool blog :up:

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