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happy chinky new year!


sup, fatface mcgee here reporting that this lunar new year sucks! but luckily i am not deaf and have retreated to the world of wonderful MUSIC!

music is like my super escape now. every night i listen to some emo shit songs so i can feel better about my emo shit self and seek refuge from the words of talented lyricist and comfort from beautiful melodies!

i’ve been in the drunken stupor of kpop for over 2 years now, and while i still love listening to 2beatpop its just nice to listen to music i actually understand.

if you are having a shitty lunar new year like i am, here are some choice english intensely poppy and happy songs to tide you over this festive asian season. remember! you are only as strong as your weakest emotions! so let not the nosey relatives and incessant gossips ruin your day!!!

Valerie – Amy Winehouse

anybody who hates this song will die from dismemberment

SNSD (Girl’s Generation) – Visual Dreams

okay chicks singing about (intel’s) processing cores, i don’t know about you but my core is pretty hard from this.

Della Ding – Back Up

femalez empowerment! lulzzzz

Jewel – Stay Here Forever

only god can sing better than this woman; this is not proof of the fact but YOU SHOULD NOTE THIS REGARDLESS. by the imposing stature of my caps lock i command thee!

Jewel – drive to you

god damn song not available in youtube fffff

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Glee – Marry You

*tear* who cares baby, i think i wanna marry you (also yeah i just like this better than bruno mars’)

*edit* added this in, i forgot because i have a single digit IQ

Ken Ashcorp – Tasteless

goddamn genius of a song. i mean really, “cos you bunker rush my heart”…”mid game sees me tech to love” how do you i don’t even

and if you actually listened to all this music, GRATS! YOU JUST WASTED 30 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE!!!

also new wallpaper for feb 2011 will be available hmmm this friday latest. <3 for the support ^o^




bunny hello kitty wallpaper (february)


1920×1200 | No calendar 1920 x 1200 Feb 2011 calendar 1920×1200 | Vignette! 2nd/3rd monitor
1920 x 1200 | no calendar 1920 x 1200 Feb 2011  calendar 1920×1200 | Vignette Dark 2nd/3rd monitor
Download all here ^o^

late again for this month… :P

i wanted to do something pink for chinese new year and valentine’s day, so i chose to go with hello kitty in a bunny suit! this time around i spent a bit more time (ok A LOT more time) on the typography and background, so enjoy! ~

again, dark and light versions + dual monitor backgrounds. ‘cos i gotta take care of my multimon girls, right?

happy lunar new year and valentine’s day! if you don’t have a significant other, or he sucks, fear not – bunny kitty will always wuv you …deep deep. :twisted:

how to download:

Click on the wallpaper(s) of your choice, then simply right click to save the image in full resolution – or use the nifty “Download all here” link to get the entire wallpaper pack.



lets go full throttle

every lunar new year, we journey to the west to meet up with mom’s side of the family, who are pretty much the most awesome people in the world.

so the best part of new year this year was this –  going there, riding in the TOASTER BOX CAR!!!! :D

why is this car so cute?

doesn’t it just remind you of a toaster? i was told this is called “The Bread Car” in China. we borrowed the vehicle from our cousin’s boyfriend because the family van is kaput (damn coolant isn’t flowing like it should be). <3 it and camwhored in it etc. while we braved shit traffic.

jurong east!

this is the first time grandma’s apartment block hasn’t looked shabby in YEARS – actually it looks pretty awesome. she now has lifts that go to every floor of the building and mango and pine trees lining the block. the neighbourhood is also omega fab – about 10 minutes walk from a mall with ice skating, bowling, karaoke and a cineplex, plus convenience stalls etc.

we just do one thing every year. open face grill with hotpot! that’s shabushabu for the nihon crazy :D

its ace: we had different strips of pork (even streaky bacon), prawns, scallops, abalone, crab meat, etc. i grilled like 8 pieces of bacon because 3 of them flew off the paper plate – wind was sooo strong there :roll: i really like this kind of meeting because nobody has to really slave over the stove in order to feed the “guests”. we all just serve ourselves, throw whatever we want on the grill, and enjoy~

brave the bouncing hot oil & earn your meal

and of course, the best part is always this: CUTE KIDS!! :D

pretty girls with big eyes. my nieces! i asked dou dou (meaning “little bean”, pictured on the right) if she was a princess and she nodded shyly and spinned around happily

so lucky to be them – blessed with the best of our genes! huge eyes, button noses and of course, since they are my cousin’s kids, will never be fat (unlike my dad’s side of the family :P) seeing them really makes me wanna have kids, and truth be told, i feel embarrassed about not being married or even being close to being the bearer of human fruit (lewls) since my cousin is only 3 years older than me :( everyone else will be ahead of me at this rate!!

hey boyfriend why aren’t you impregnating me yet??

i kid i kid!!

the kids are not all alright

but you know, if i have ever ever have kids before my eggs start growing wrinkles themselves and shrivel to death, i hope my first child is a girl.


i don’t think i can handle having a boy as my first child after what i experienced this chinese new year. ugh. the next cultural war should involve packing up these kids and cloning them to be shipped off to enemy countries and adopted by natives so they will be terrorized by this kind of horrible, horrible children

don’t get me wrong, i LOVE children – i used to teach and tell stories to kids at an enrichment center and i still miss that job, but some kids are just demonic.

yesterday, dad’s friends came over and brought their kids. somehow every year i end up baby sitting them, which was great in the past, but since i revamped my room into total girl geek heaven i don’t have my usual tools to entertain children.

so they overrun my room.

they jacked my computer without asking -_-

…. sigh

they jacked my phone without asking -_-

no manners

they get on the bed, jump on it, make a mess out of my bed without asking

really? i just washed my bed sheets for the new year, assholes

and the worse crime of all.

how fucking did they dare!!!


is it that hard to treat an animal kindly? they threw my dog from person to person, and because they didn’t know how to hug her, she was squeezed so tightly she cringed and whined, then moved in and out of the room repeatedly; for a puppy who doesn’t like to be held, this was a pure nightmare. and there was literally NOTHING i could do about it. it went on and on and on and on and on and i was really upset.

you don’t have to beat a dog up to mistreat her. when you handle her with such little care and consideration, like she was a mere soft toy, it is also abuse.

you see, all of these were boys. other not-photographed misdeeds include:

  • jacking my macbook, banging it into the wall,
  • turning my room inside out and going through everything i own
  • taking my money and running around with the $1000 note dad had given me for something important (i stopped being polite after this happened),
  • logging into my facebook and adding themselves (WHY?????????????) to my account

i have great control over kids, and while i managed to keep them under control and let them have fun, it was really at the expense of my day.

please teach your kids manners

i can’t help but wonder, what happened with these children? there’s always debates on nurture v.s. nature when it comes to kids, but based on what i have seen it really is (the lack of) nurture at fault. nobody really spent time to teach these kids basic manners. one kid kept on swearing in my room, and after i told him specifically to not, and i had to keep reinforcing the rule by disallowing privileges when he broke it. but still he kept on doing it to provoke me, knowing i could not physically discipline him. in the end, i had to step up, sit him down and explain it to him what the words meant and what people thought of him when he said those things. then he finally understood that swearing was inappropriate and stopped.

i was told by my mom that this specific kid has all sorts of bad habits like these, picking fights at school, disrespecting people and getting into trouble all the time; she didn’t even want me to try to stop him from swearing, and i guess i am glad i did.

but while i can help him not swear for one day, it won’t last. the next time he does, its quite clear that no one is going to explain to him the meaning of his actions, and he will just continue on.

children really are like dough in the early stages of their lives. how you treat them, talk to them, whether or not you can get onto their level and help them understand you by thinking like them, will shape who they become in the future. i know i used to be a socially awkward kid and suffer low self esteem because of what i was subjected to in my childhood. and i also know, when you tell a child something in ways she understands, they will learn faster than you can believe.

so really, tldr – teach your kids manners and the right behaviour in as many situations as possible, no matter how long it takes, or when they grow up to be shitty brats with an intense sense of self-entitlement, it will be your own fault.

escape to ikea

after the kid ran around with my $1,000 note, i decided i couldn’t take it anymore. so sister and i left the house, with my cousin’s boyfriend driving us (in toaster box car again!!!!! +1) to Ikea :D where we had awesome swedish meatballs and salmon :)

i wonder if jinro can make meat balls, since he’s swedish.. heehee. ^^”

too much food = cannot finish even though i reallllllly hate wasting food

i love ikea so so so so so much. we could only shop for 30 minutes and i think we will be going back soon just so we can enjoy ourselves better.


now i have to go take care of the mess that is my room. after i left last night it seems like more wild kids got in and totally wrecked my place. sigh. fuck you children. fuccckkkk you.

and no! nobody say anything about me swearing. :p



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quick one, mom’s birthday

mom’s birthday this mon was horrible. everyone hates life and thus don’t really appreciate anything. mom had a rough time this festive season, having to cook and clean non stop for pretty much 48 hours, and dad was just brusque as always. sis came home on monday but it doesn’t really feel different. you know how when you are at one place, and you don’t wanna be – that dead look you get in your eyes?

yeah, she’s got that look.

anyway. just posting some candids for my own pleasure… not much to say

mom in lift

since mom is visiting our uncle in melbourne soon, i realized that she probably would need a new camera. i hit and did some research and settled on an ixus sd130. its a really fool proof camera – set it to auto, point and shoot at anything and everything will look great.

i dropped some hints on what her present was gonna be a few days before her birthday. mom used to love taking photos of us when we were kids but gradually stopped. i think i got my shutterbug disease from her, i take photos of everything and everyone.

mom realizing what it was! shiny..

new gadgets make me cream my pants

went home and sang her a birthday song and cut the cake

birthday wish fail: wishing AFTER the candles were blown..damn

and wang wang being epic. she REALLY wants that cake lol


also, i am totally rocking the IU marshmellow song just so i can feel happier. okay i just got to the “go go baby girl clap clap clap let it go” part and now i am happy XD


angelflorist may have ruined my week

but i am still grateful and thankful to be your girl



thank you yyx :D

our second valentine’s day together, holy shit! hahaha

times may be rough now, but maybe we will make it together for the third valentine

who knows.

p.s. still want that card, i know maybe you will remember… :)


my true feelings


i apologize for being lame but starting from today some of my posts will be partially protected; i really appreciate that there are people reading my blog now, but i am also aware that some of my more personal feelings can be misconstrued and i honestly started this blog to achieve emotional well being from writing. but i have begun feeling hesitant to write here because i am afraid of portraying a negative image. so i will partially protect some of the more private stuff to maintain the balance =)

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facing the music


haha! my blog is baby blue! woooo!

was taking down the blog for like 50 minutes today to fix a looping issue but ended up taking literally 4 hours; i know nobody notices these things but i dodododo. the blog was mismatching post data and post content and it was pissing me off. couldn’t go from page to page properly. then after i fixed that, i found out that my archives and tag pages were screwed up (when did THAT happen?!?!) so i fixed that too. i basically spent my ENTIRE afternoon doing this.

in between running around the house with puppy being all nice and going all tarzany on my code, i weighed myself and twitched when i found out how fat i am now :(

i really took my body for granted. went to the bathroom sometime before lunch and saw myself in the mirror; i know i am having the most epic infinite period ever but holy shit i look like crap. my face was bloated, my arms have never looked bigger, i think i am getting massive cellulite, and i can’t climb the stairs without huffing and puffing like a wolf trying to blow some pigs’ houses down

i am really pissed with myself. on one hand, i want to take better care of myself, on the other, i am constantly battling the blues and my laziness is at an all-time high. i didn’t really have the motivation to exercise before, but after today i really have no excuse.

so i guess its cardio skipping time every day now!

ah well.

EDIT: omg that was scary. got owned by 500 internal server error and almost lost the site. not going to use w3 total cache plugin ever again, you guys can have fun loading the site slowly!!!


bon voyage mama T_T

my mom is heading off to australia to visit my uncle with my grandma and aunt, so we decided to have dinner at a nice place before she boarded the plane!

this goddamn place

i kinda hate changi airport. i know how most people think its like the best airport ever, but i don’t really see the big deal. it looks horrible. they are trying to change it with some huge renovation project though. long overdue IMO :P

took the lift up to level 3 for some om nom nom…

where are we going~??~

corporate lifts lol~

i love this photo :D

its dian xiao er!

i think its super appropriate because the first time we ever visited this restaurant was also right here on mother’s day a few years ago. i bought my mom dinner and some really nice crystal earrings. she remembers! and that’s some mean feat, considering how forgetful she can be :)

we always wished papa would come eat with us, so he can enjoy the food!

the menus look like kungfu secret manuals :D mom & dad look cute together in their kinda matchy stripey shirts.

the food comes super quick and is delishhhhh-cious

sliced pomfret in soy sauce; abalone mushrooms and broccoli omnomnom

their speciality is Roast Duck with Herbs - we got ours with Angelica and OOOOOOMG. i dubbed it “the reason to live”.

we ate the entire plate of half of a duck; food was so goddamn good

dad LOVED the food and decided we will return again. :D success!

then off to terminal 1 to see mom off :)

we met our darling extended family,

sitting there smiling and excited. its always so nice to see them!

to note: my cousin’s stupid elmo hat, which still has a sticker of authenticity stuck on it. he doesn’t wanna remove it! errr.

mom’s luggage vs. grandma/aunt’s – mom was dubbed a compact traveller. heehee.

departure TT

bro telling mom: “you have to come home in 10 days OK? if you come home in 11 days, i might still be ok. i do have 11 pairs of underwear. but if you come home after 11 days, i am doomed!” lewls.

and then we left changi airport.


miss mama already =(  after she left, we had to wait for ages for dad to settle his business. we waited at the airport for his friend to pass him some legal documents and he never showed up, so dad decided we would drive there instead. when we reached our destination, i didn’t want to leave the van so my sisters and i chilled in the van while dad and bro went off to go drink their way to a signed contract. took agessss. i was bored shitless after singing the praises of my bf for 2 hours. :\

but dad bought me durian so i am not unhappy. YAY!

okay this blog entry sucks but whatever. tomorrow’s entry is going to be smexy. :D

i’m creaming my pants!



also, HEY MAN! my webhost upgraded the server so the site should be faster now :) A+



i’m a bad girl! my razer carcharias

guess what?! i am sporting some new gear.


this smexy, beautiful thing came today:



i naturally jizzed in my pants and had to change them

broke my headset like 5 days ago and was feeling pretty emo about to spend moolah on a new one. thank god SOMEONE came to my rescue and sponsored me a new pair – and NOT just any! he got me the razer carcharias!!

his one & only condition is i camwhore with them. but i have SHIT LIGHTING today due to the rainy afternoon, so this will have to wait :( pity because i had like super prostitute make up with the blue ass eyeshadow:


i would be afraid to go out like that but ehhh. it seemed appropriate. better luck next time i reckon ^O^

these are so baller. don’t you just <3 razer packaging?


look at that velvety cushiony earmuffs! i feel like royalty with these cupping ma ears :D

you can click on this photo to view a larger version

so far, my first impressions are good :D it is comfortable but a tad big for me XD i feel like i have been converted into some razer whore just because my desk is littered with their stuff. but hey, anything for a great company with great products :)

sooo, thank you person~~ :D




nerd hello kitty wallpaper (march)

1920×1200 |  calendar 1920 x 1200 Mar 2011 no calendar 1920 x 1200 Mar 2011 with stars! 2nd/3rd monitor
1920 x 1200 | calendar 1920 x 1200 Mar 2011 no calendar 1920 x 1200 Mar 2011 with stars! 2nd/3rd monitor
Download all here ^o^

omegosh i am on time for march!

march has always seem like kinda bitch month to me – if you are in school, you are probably buckling under the pressure of studying for the term/semester tests, and if you are working, you are probably longing for the holidays, a little bit too short as always. so here we go, NERD HELLO KITTY is here to cheer you up!

how to download:

Click on the wallpaper(s) of your choice, then simply right click to save the image in full resolution – or use the nifty “Download all here” link to get the entire wallpaper pack.