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quick one, mom’s birthday

mom’s birthday this mon was horrible. everyone hates life and thus don’t really appreciate anything. mom had a rough time this festive season, having to cook and clean non stop for pretty much 48 hours, and dad was just brusque as always. sis came home on monday but it doesn’t really feel different. you know how when you are at one place, and you don’t wanna be – that dead look you get in your eyes?

yeah, she’s got that look.

anyway. just posting some candids for my own pleasure… not much to say

mom in lift

since mom is visiting our uncle in melbourne soon, i realized that she probably would need a new camera. i hit kenrockwell.com and did some research and settled on an ixus sd130. its a really fool proof camera – set it to auto, point and shoot at anything and everything will look great.

i dropped some hints on what her present was gonna be a few days before her birthday. mom used to love taking photos of us when we were kids but gradually stopped. i think i got my shutterbug disease from her, i take photos of everything and everyone.

mom realizing what it was! shiny..

new gadgets make me cream my pants

went home and sang her a birthday song and cut the cake

birthday wish fail: wishing AFTER the candles were blown..damn

and wang wang being epic. she REALLY wants that cake lol


also, i am totally rocking the IU marshmellow song just so i can feel happier. okay i just got to the “go go baby girl clap clap clap let it go” part and now i am happy XD

tell me something good


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