facing the music


haha! my blog is baby blue! woooo!

was taking down the blog for like 50 minutes today to fix a looping issue but ended up taking literally 4 hours; i know nobody notices these things but i dodododo. the blog was mismatching post data and post content and it was pissing me off. couldn’t go from page to page properly. then after i fixed that, i found out that my archives and tag pages were screwed up (when did THAT happen?!?!) so i fixed that too. i basically spent my ENTIRE afternoon doing this.

in between running around the house with puppy being all nice and going all tarzany on my code, i weighed myself and twitched when i found out how fat i am now :(

i really took my body for granted. went to the bathroom sometime before lunch and saw myself in the mirror; i know i am having the most epic infinite period ever but holy shit i look like crap. my face was bloated, my arms have never looked bigger, i think i am getting massive cellulite, and i can’t climb the stairs without huffing and puffing like a wolf trying to blow some pigs’ houses down

i am really pissed with myself. on one hand, i want to take better care of myself, on the other, i am constantly battling the blues and my laziness is at an all-time high. i didn’t really have the motivation to exercise before, but after today i really have no excuse.

so i guess its cardio skipping time every day now!

ah well.

EDIT: omg that was scary. got owned by 500 internal server error and almost lost the site. not going to use w3 total cache plugin ever again, you guys can have fun loading the site slowly!!!

one response to facing the music

  1. Matthew Says:
    March 10th, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Aw, you are hard on yourself — you are probably your worst critic. If that photo is of you, you look great =)

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