bon voyage mama T_T

my mom is heading off to australia to visit my uncle with my grandma and aunt, so we decided to have dinner at a nice place before she boarded the plane!

this goddamn place

i kinda hate changi airport. i know how most people think its like the best airport ever, but i don’t really see the big deal. it looks horrible. they are trying to change it with some huge renovation project though. long overdue IMO :P

took the lift up to level 3 for some om nom nom…

where are we going~??~

corporate lifts lol~

i love this photo :D

its dian xiao er!

i think its super appropriate because the first time we ever visited this restaurant was also right here on mother’s day a few years ago. i bought my mom dinner and some really nice crystal earrings. she remembers! and that’s some mean feat, considering how forgetful she can be :)

we always wished papa would come eat with us, so he can enjoy the food!

the menus look like kungfu secret manuals :D mom & dad look cute together in their kinda matchy stripey shirts.

the food comes super quick and is delishhhhh-cious

sliced pomfret in soy sauce; abalone mushrooms and broccoli omnomnom

their speciality is Roast Duck with Herbs - we got ours with Angelica and OOOOOOMG. i dubbed it “the reason to live”.

we ate the entire plate of half of a duck; food was so goddamn good

dad LOVED the food and decided we will return again. :D success!

then off to terminal 1 to see mom off :)

we met our darling extended family,

sitting there smiling and excited. its always so nice to see them!

to note: my cousin’s stupid elmo hat, which still has a sticker of authenticity stuck on it. he doesn’t wanna remove it! errr.

mom’s luggage vs. grandma/aunt’s – mom was dubbed a compact traveller. heehee.

departure TT

bro telling mom: “you have to come home in 10 days OK? if you come home in 11 days, i might still be ok. i do have 11 pairs of underwear. but if you come home after 11 days, i am doomed!” lewls.

and then we left changi airport.


miss mama already =(  after she left, we had to wait for ages for dad to settle his business. we waited at the airport for his friend to pass him some legal documents and he never showed up, so dad decided we would drive there instead. when we reached our destination, i didn’t want to leave the van so my sisters and i chilled in the van while dad and bro went off to go drink their way to a signed contract. took agessss. i was bored shitless after singing the praises of my bf for 2 hours. :\

but dad bought me durian so i am not unhappy. YAY!

okay this blog entry sucks but whatever. tomorrow’s entry is going to be smexy. :D

i’m creaming my pants!



also, HEY MAN! my webhost upgraded the server so the site should be faster now :) A+

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