i’m pro abortion but sometimes, the non-apologists of this school make me angry.

i felt very strongly in writing this because i have known some people who, if they had not have abortions, would have had miserable lives. but every single one of them have felt a guilt, that is natural and important, that makes them human. yet some people say that they shouldn’t feel it.

i am a pro abortionist. but unlike some of my fellow pro-abortionists, i am not unapologetic about abortions.

my cousin was 17 when she got pregnant with her first child.

without asking her, her parents arranged for a marriage with the child’s father. she gave birth to the child, and then another, before finally divorcing her abusive husband. she left the home and has not seen her first 2 kids since.

her kids grew up with no mother, a drunkard for a father, and a broken idea of what family, home, marriage, love, life means. i know this because i know what kind of family my cousin married into, and those weren’t good people. she could not be around to protect them, shelter them, teach or love them. she could not be around at all.

throughout the whole ordeal, she was never given the option of abortion. she was never asked.


i believe in abortion because the sin in ending the promise of life, pregnancy, is far exceeded by the consequence of an inability to care and nurture that promise into fruition – long after my own life ends.

because i  strongly believe that women are afforded enough contraceptive options to avoid being pregnant in the first place

because  a woman who is pregnant and does not wish to be, must only be pregnant because of circumstances beyond her control. rape. abuse. sex trade/slavery. society. things that only the world can change.

but here we are, educated women, with the education and information that so permeates our world,  playing russian roulette with their birth control pills, trying their luck when a condom isn’t around or preferred, “being too drunk to say no”, aborting and saying they are not sorry?

pregnant because they were too lazy? too horny? too stupid?

wearing their abortion like a flag, like something to be proud of, saying they are not sorry - when it is their irresponsibility that brings them to prematurely end a life, before it really begins?

oral contraceptives have a 5% failure rate. lunelle injections, are monthly, and have a 0.1%-1% failure rate. pull out sometimes, cum in the ass, in the mouth, face, whatever, but stay on the pill this whole time and you have got to be really fucking unlucky to be pregnant when you don’t want to be.

be fucking responsible.

but using abortion as anything else other than a last resort is disgusting.

telling people that you are not sorry for your abortion when you don’t even practice what is needed to STAY unpregnant, while there are those of us who have been raped, who live in areas of the world where women don’t even have this bloody right to choose, is disgusting.

be human. UNDERSTAND THAT AN ABORTION IS A SAD THING.  a last resort. a painful choice no one should ever need to make.

and stop portraying it as your natural right to “choose”. your ancestors did not fight and die so you can trivialize your abortions.

you should be sorry. i am, even though i know it was the right thing for you to do.

tell me something good


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