new hair (AGAIN~) and my silly silly day

i parted my fringe from right to left :P ASTOUNDING CHANGE AMIRITE?!?!?



soo tiredddd XD

special thanks to Matthew & Mirez

i just wanna say thanks to the kind wishes from Matthew & Mirez, who commented on my last despondent post; having people reach out to me through this blog is a genuine surprise and cheers me up to an absurd degree. i have very poor self-esteem and am kinda socially awkward. a lot of people don’t understand this about me and think i am kidding when i talk about my fears and unhappiness, so i don’t have many friends that i hang out with or talk to. which is usually OK, but because nothing in my life is going right – be it work, money, family, or my relationship with my boyfriend – i’ve really plunged into a deep, ultra lonely depression for what seems like the entire 2011 so far.

at the moment, i no longer have any one to lean on. and when strangers on the internet care enough to leave me a sentence or two, it means the world to me. really. =)

so thank you, you two, for brightening my day. you are good people.


to be honest though, that horrible mood of worthlessness lingered throughout the last week. the reason is simple. i felt like i was losing my boyfriend and i really needed to secure the relationship through something, so i decided to work on my appearance. 3 or so weeks ago i started working out, swimming on a semi-regular basis and walking my dog quite aggressively, and i shed a fair bit of weight. but because of that, i have been religiously deprieving myself of junk food comforts that i relied on to make unhappy feelings go away (it was really a choice between alcohol or a sugar high, and the latter is much cheaper). but 2 days ago i had a huge fight with my parents and hit a bit of a rock bottom, so i devoured a box of timtams (DOUBLE CHOCOLATE YO) and half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Newyorkfatpersonfudge ice cream and finally, i am a lot less emo!

talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. heh. its either be a chubster and happy, or be prettier and totally super emo. FML

one of my not-so-close friends noticed how much insanely emo shit i have been posting on my facebook and started some kind of social service to cheer me up; we used to always be hi-bye friends, and even online, we didn’t chat much since i seldom reply to msn messages… but the last week he has been pretty much sending me quotes on being happy via MSN on a daily basis. today, he caught me on MSN at 5am and asked me to go…:


at seletar reservoir.

ooooookay. i wasn’t quite sure how to say ‘no’ to that, and when he mentioned “cold beer” and “free ride” i just had to say yes.

it was creepy. like, imagine being at a big, open lake, fucking coldass air, and bushes that move by themselves. the lights were flickering, and i was relieved as hell when daybreak came around. i literally sat there for like 4 hours, and had nothing to do but listen to britney spear’s femme fatale over and over again. i didn’t really have much to say to anyone there, since i didn’t know anybody and they all seemed to be friends, so i just sat there and smiled whenever anyone said anything to me.

couldn’t really take any photos too, since it was fucking dark and all i had was my iphone. but just imagine staring at a much darker version of this for 4 hours:

uhhh. yeah.

the gang of people were fishing at the pier, which i think is a spot right next to the dam, and yeah of course nobody caught any fish. i think the fishing was just an excuse to sit at a secluded spot and drink beer.


to be fair, seletar reservoir is kinda nice after the lights come up. the place starts looking considerably less eerie, and surprisingly clean, which is a mean feat for a park



so because i ate shit tons of choco i had to go work it off. after the fruitless fishing trip that turned out totally useless, i decided to go swimming at my suburb’s swimming pool – sengkang swimming complex.

look, its so fucking cool:


it’s only $1.50 per entry.

place has kid slides, timed water buckets, kid and adult jacuzzis, etc.

and the ultimate irony – this swimming complex also has a 24-hour mcdonalds with a DRIVE THROUGH:

i guess that’s the facilities management’s sense of humour at work here.

i also got my ssc card <3


cheaper entries! yipee!!!


on the ride home, saw this graffiti:

and i smiled. the world was nice again.

3 responses to new hair (AGAIN~) and my silly silly day

  1. Mirez Says:
    March 18th, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    you are welcome. =)

    why be in pain, when you can be happy in life right? hee.

    I am very much relieved to see you back on your feet! and blogging again xD

    Mannnn, seeing McD is making me hungry.. =s

  2. Matthew Says:
    March 26th, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Holy moly, you mentioned me =)!!

    You’re very welcome!!!! You can see my email feel free to chat with me anytime =)!!

    I came back here AGAIN just today to see if there were any entries after your sad one — and I see that your last few your mood has picked up =) that’s so good to see!!

  3. weissweiss Says:
    March 29th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    thanks matthew! :D

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