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can you imagine being a dog? i see my dog sitting in her pen whenever i walk into the kitchen and i guiltily remember that she spends majority of her day cooped up, next to a tray of her own piss and shit – the same area in which she is supposed to eat and sleep. i know space and size is relative, and since she is so small that corner isn’t all too shabby, but holy shit its a JAIL CELL!

can you imagine living like this:

5am: shitty owner is waking up and making food in the kitchen. why do they disturb me and give me crappy sleep schedules.

9am: i am hungry and no one is awake to feed me. fucking assholes.

11am: finally some bitches awake to feed me. why are they screaming “pee” and “poo”? god i wanna punch them in the face, i want to eat, not shit and urinate. especially not right before i eat. i hate the smell of this place, it smells like crap that comes right outta my ass!

12pm: o yes they let me out! im going to run around. this is boring. this house is pretty small man, there is so little to doooo. i am hiding under the sofa. im hiding in rooms… i am running back and forth.. heyyyy haven’t i seen this before?! oooo tissue paper, let me ninja some and bite em. OM NOM NOM I LOVE WHITE STUFF

2pm: uggh they are screaming at me again. i better hide under this sofa shit. they are sooo going to catch me. they look mad… fine, i’ll stay in the pen. go ahead! WALK AWAY NOW! who cares if i am going to be alone in the damn pen for HOURS until YOU feel like playing with me? mother fuckers

5pm: HELLO???????? CAN I COME OUT NOW????????? COME ON!!!!!!!! REALLY????????


10pm: jesus christ guys come on this is stupid, i am bored and this is horrifying BORING! i know you guys are too stupid to understand me but oh my goodness can’t you recognize a cry when you hear it?!??

11PM: FINALLY SOME FREEDOM. im pissed with you all for keeping me in there for so long. here’s a gift for yall./ im gonna PISS ON YOUR FLOOR and TAKE A SHIT in front of my LEAST FAVOURITE PERSON’S DOOR!  BOOYAH SHITTERS…hahaha!!

i seriously think that it sucks to be a dog.

it also really sucks to be me

here’s why:


i dunno think im just gonna go cry it out again lol.

and my vagina smells like 20 thousand dead people. thanks fucking period. i HATE THE WAY THIS BLOOD SMELLS LIKE MAN. WHY CANT I JUST BE A FUCKING MAN


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just sayin’


and THAT’S all i am doing. no lie.

what? you would want to fuck her too, if you were a girl!



when will league of legends be back online


im so bored.


dying to play some lux. feeling like i am getting close to being great at her! and she is pretty much my dream character/role to play in any game. so i really really really want to put in 12 hours a day, get that 90% Q rate down and start playing ranked as Lux


to do list: 2 logo concepts, 1 ad, 2 adaptations, 1 website proposal, 1 website

dudes havent paid me in 2 months, just told me they can only pay me in june


what a bunch of shit heads.





remember you used to cherish me. love me without question. want me without condition. thought i was the best girl in the world. bought me flowers just to see me smile. told me i was pretty because you felt like it, and you always felt like it. i was apple of the eye, center of your universe, and you didn’t care that nothing else existed. you were just happy to have me. you wanted me when you realized you weren’t dead, you swore never to leave me because i wouldn’t let you dump me when your career seemed almost certainly over. you said, “i will never let you go”. this year i made more sacrifices. we kept our secret hush hush and no one knew about us. you are my invisible boyfriend. always have been. but lately i am unbearably incognito in your life. i am not just invisible in your life, i am invisible to your heart.

thanks for nothing. thanks for telling me to “just stop it” when i just needed you to be that guy i met so long ago. for a little while.

you finally reached the point where my tears don’t make your heart ache, just your head hurt.

thanks for being the asshole i never thought you would ever be.

not to me.


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guess who got a new phone!

actually, guess whose boyfriend got her a new phone!

MEME!!! mwahhaha!

the glorious other half of mine known as YYX, oft berated and seldom praised on this public wall of text, has very generously equipped moi, with an iphone 4.

and good lord is it glorious. ESPECIALLY since i am upgrading from the iPhone 3G. i can hardly believe it took me this long to take the leap.

budgetory issues caused me to hold out for an upgrade to my ancient joke of an iPhone, which was failing me in terms of battery life & usability and – however dramatic this may sound – sometimes i dreaded going out because i would have to deal with “real world” in its entirety, no way to escape its discomforts through music and games as i had 2.5 years ago when i first got the iphone 3G.

it made me realllly hate leaving home.

i complain about it so much; its frustrating to know you have a phone that can do “ANYTHING” and yet not exploit it because of its age.

so, a couple of days ago, yyx took on the role of chief financier and got me one :D

i am not one of those girls who are comfortable with their bf paying for shit. i think money should never be part of the relationship equation until cohabitation or marriage because i  believe in being responsible for your own expenses.

so when he suggested buying me the phone i was somewhat hesitant.

its a huge leap for me, accepting a gift this big – i would have never said yes in the past, so yeah, this phone is hella significant.

and you know, this phone is badass. with my epic tendency to attack everything aesthetically, i want to skin everything on this damn thing!

lifehacker custom lockscreen / my modified version of the infamous picnic theme

did you know my iphone3g used to lag so badly when opening up “folders” and stacks on the springboard that it would sometimes turn itself off?


and i FINALLY can customize my springboard wallpaper!!!!

… or even USE google streetview. it would never work in the past and i cried myself to sleep everynight coz of it!

…it would probably be superfluous to say that i love my new phone…

…with its solid design with glass and aluminium…

… & its seemingly limitless applications…

but the real reason
why this iphone is so important to me
is because whenever i hold it,
i know i am carrying a part of his love for me.


thanks YYX!


& now i am off to play world of goo on the phone!!!! ahaha!!!


preposterous sheer geekery

yes yes… i have hello kitty plastered all over the back of my phone + my lockscreen + NOW MY NAILS FUCKING MATCH! hahaha!!!

ahahaha god damn i am pathetic.

but i got the blue thing going. $2.90 each, not bad huh?!



enough on the vanity crap, i’m still on my iphone high! especially the games. i can’t stress enough how much fun i am having. :D