can you imagine being a dog? i see my dog sitting in her pen whenever i walk into the kitchen and i guiltily remember that she spends majority of her day cooped up, next to a tray of her own piss and shit – the same area in which she is supposed to eat and sleep. i know space and size is relative, and since she is so small that corner isn’t all too shabby, but holy shit its a JAIL CELL!

can you imagine living like this:

5am: shitty owner is waking up and making food in the kitchen. why do they disturb me and give me crappy sleep schedules.

9am: i am hungry and no one is awake to feed me. fucking assholes.

11am: finally some bitches awake to feed me. why are they screaming “pee” and “poo”? god i wanna punch them in the face, i want to eat, not shit and urinate. especially not right before i eat. i hate the smell of this place, it smells like crap that comes right outta my ass!

12pm: o yes they let me out! im going to run around. this is boring. this house is pretty small man, there is so little to doooo. i am hiding under the sofa. im hiding in rooms… i am running back and forth.. heyyyy haven’t i seen this before?! oooo tissue paper, let me ninja some and bite em. OM NOM NOM I LOVE WHITE STUFF

2pm: uggh they are screaming at me again. i better hide under this sofa shit. they are sooo going to catch me. they look mad… fine, i’ll stay in the pen. go ahead! WALK AWAY NOW! who cares if i am going to be alone in the damn pen for HOURS until YOU feel like playing with me? mother fuckers

5pm: HELLO???????? CAN I COME OUT NOW????????? COME ON!!!!!!!! REALLY????????


10pm: jesus christ guys come on this is stupid, i am bored and this is horrifying BORING! i know you guys are too stupid to understand me but oh my goodness can’t you recognize a cry when you hear it?!??

11PM: FINALLY SOME FREEDOM. im pissed with you all for keeping me in there for so long. here’s a gift for yall./ im gonna PISS ON YOUR FLOOR and TAKE A SHIT in front of my LEAST FAVOURITE PERSON’S DOOR!  BOOYAH SHITTERS…hahaha!!

i seriously think that it sucks to be a dog.

it also really sucks to be me

here’s why:


i dunno think im just gonna go cry it out again lol.

and my vagina smells like 20 thousand dead people. thanks fucking period. i HATE THE WAY THIS BLOOD SMELLS LIKE MAN. WHY CANT I JUST BE A FUCKING MAN

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  1. Matthew Says:
    April 11th, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Aww, poor dog =(

    Also, sorry to hear you’re having a lot of trouble in your relationship. But the ultimate question is: are you happy??

    It doesn’t appear so, you cannot change some people… I am not advising you to break off with him but think about what is best for YOU since you put in so much effort and just get one word responses back..

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