remember you used to cherish me. love me without question. want me without condition. thought i was the best girl in the world. bought me flowers just to see me smile. told me i was pretty because you felt like it, and you always felt like it. i was apple of the eye, center of your universe, and you didn’t care that nothing else existed. you were just happy to have me. you wanted me when you realized you weren’t dead, you swore never to leave me because i wouldn’t let you dump me when your career seemed almost certainly over. you said, “i will never let you go”. this year i made more sacrifices. we kept our secret hush hush and no one knew about us. you are my invisible boyfriend. always have been. but lately i am unbearably incognito in your life. i am not just invisible in your life, i am invisible to your heart.

thanks for nothing. thanks for telling me to “just stop it” when i just needed you to be that guy i met so long ago. for a little while.

you finally reached the point where my tears don’t make your heart ache, just your head hurt.

thanks for being the asshole i never thought you would ever be.

not to me.

tell me something good


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