guess who got a new phone!

actually, guess whose boyfriend got her a new phone!

MEME!!! mwahhaha!

the glorious other half of mine known as YYX, oft berated and seldom praised on this public wall of text, has very generously equipped moi, with an iphone 4.

and good lord is it glorious. ESPECIALLY since i am upgrading from the iPhone 3G. i can hardly believe it took me this long to take the leap.

budgetory issues caused me to hold out for an upgrade to my ancient joke of an iPhone, which was failing me in terms of battery life & usability and – however dramatic this may sound – sometimes i dreaded going out because i would have to deal with “real world” in its entirety, no way to escape its discomforts through music and games as i had 2.5 years ago when i first got the iphone 3G.

it made me realllly hate leaving home.

i complain about it so much; its frustrating to know you have a phone that can do “ANYTHING” and yet not exploit it because of its age.

so, a couple of days ago, yyx took on the role of chief financier and got me one :D

i am not one of those girls who are comfortable with their bf paying for shit. i think money should never be part of the relationship equation until cohabitation or marriage because i  believe in being responsible for your own expenses.

so when he suggested buying me the phone i was somewhat hesitant.

its a huge leap for me, accepting a gift this big – i would have never said yes in the past, so yeah, this phone is hella significant.

and you know, this phone is badass. with my epic tendency to attack everything aesthetically, i want to skin everything on this damn thing!

lifehacker custom lockscreen / my modified version of the infamous picnic theme

did you know my iphone3g used to lag so badly when opening up “folders” and stacks on the springboard that it would sometimes turn itself off?


and i FINALLY can customize my springboard wallpaper!!!!

… or even USE google streetview. it would never work in the past and i cried myself to sleep everynight coz of it!

…it would probably be superfluous to say that i love my new phone…

…with its solid design with glass and aluminium…

… & its seemingly limitless applications…

but the real reason
why this iphone is so important to me
is because whenever i hold it,
i know i am carrying a part of his love for me.


thanks YYX!


& now i am off to play world of goo on the phone!!!! ahaha!!!

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