oh baby baby dancing in the moonlight

finally did the right thing and cleaned my room of all the nonsense that reminded me of him, that includes 9 cards, a truck load of lingerie and the last dead bouquet that was given with no sincerity whatsoever… detoxing my life through cleaning!!

this is probabbabbababalyyy the first nightttt that i have been soberrrr in a while. not bad. working out pretty well for me.

noteworthy thoughts of the week:

- clubs need to stop trying to make “pumped up kicks” into a dance song. not gonna work
- Delilah has a hot voice
- Shyvana is fucking OP. atmogs Shyvana with frozen mallet = ???  riot?
- i realise that dating is not fun at all, people say stupid shit and i don’t really care about what they are trying to tell me.
- if you ever need to raise your self esteem, sign up for online dating. get insta attention from guys of ALL kinds. i mean really, there was a guy who was old enough to be my dad who wrote me a ton of sweet emails. how cute.
- i am still a fucking bitch. i never replied to anyone .. HAHAHA
- i suck at singing now
- successfully stopped stalking ex bf, didn’t feel the temptation to call/text/read old emails, was unfazed when i stumbled upon old pix of him in my skype video thingy.
- edrama is stupid especially when it involves kids
- videogamedunkey is my league of legends friend. YEAHHH!!!!! MEATWADSPRITE!!!!  ^O^
- oh god ignore my loss streak. going against tryhards in solo queue=p
- glitter on eyeballs = not fun
- i got locked out of the house for 3 hours today, what i figured out about life was astounding. 1) all my neighbours speak teochew 2) tiny ants don’t let no big ants pass just cos they are big, they actually trample all over the big ants and tell the bitches to die
- the new snsd song video makes me horny.
- the ultimate compliment to me nowadays is being carded, and I HAVE BEEN CARDED. TWICE. LAST WEEK. WHAAAAAAATTTT
- no matter what happens to me in life, i still have ma calves and my perennial baby face. thanks, genes! =]

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    oh baby baby dancing in the moonlight

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