love in a hopeless place


i am a vampire. :D

i generally detest  wearing lip colour because i can never really find something that is close to my natural lip colour. the nude shades wash me out, the reds make me look like i am 80, and all of them eventually fade anyways. so i just normally put on the clear stuff and thats it.

but i have a super soft spot for dark colours on my lips! especially the ones that make me look all arggghhh and stuff. like if you took one step towards me i would bite the fuck off your head. i am well aware that dark berries and deep velvets aren’t the most fashionable colours. do i give a shit?

nope, ‘cos i’m a mother fucking vampire!


anyway, since i haven’t been posting i thought i should. there’s been a lot going on in my life; having been sick this week though i have been given social reprieve and basically resting in bed. but idleness does not bode too well for a brokenhearted psycho, so i have revived my dirty little habit of retail therapy and got a metal mania palette =]


i like it! its really shimmery and has a lot of good neutral colours. a lot of purples and pinks makes me a happy person. that, and also glitter, as witnessed by my hella glitterati nails :D



i have been buying so much make up related stuff, i really should do a post with all this stuff. its kinda funny how i was never the kind of chick who would take care of her appearance, and now i am just mad in love with moisturizers and body creams and yada yada. i scrub my face religiously now and have been brushing my hair every day. i got into a slight panic last week because my sister said i was balding (!!!?). apparently i have something of a bald spot behind, slight and not very noticeable, which made me really upset. but then i realised the bald spot was caused by overly vigorous pulling  - my hair used to be so tangled that i pulled out too much of my hair whenever i did comb it (which was like a once a month thing during the last 2 months where i was super depressed). now though i condition my hair every time i shower and i comb through every morning and night.

its been a weird month so far, sometimes i feel super brave and other times i feel hopeless. music has been a great recourse for me, so has been the reading. nothing beats cuddling in bed with thousands of books in this little thing:


thank god for the ipad.

i finally caught up on some sci fi titles i have been DYING to read for the longest time, picking up the latest addition to the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy “trilogy” – which led me into the whole artemis fowl series. then there’s also ender’s game, which i have been meaning to read for a while now, plus some contemporary fiction titles from John Greene. i really love reading, i miss it so much, and the iPad is the lowest cost  reading device available to me at the moment – with the PACE i read at (i clear at least 2 400-500 pagers per day), the iBooks library is filled with so many ePub books that it might have already paid for the iPad in value.

not to mention the fact that there are newer publications available as apps or newsstands mags, like ars technical, popular science, all of which i ALWAYS wanted to read but have never been able to due to lack of availability in singapore:


what thrilled me the most was finding all these resources to enrich my failing brain. there’s a dose of prose for every emotion i could possibly have. so much so that i am seriously considering getting another iPad as the current one is mostly residing with my dad. we had bought him the iPad as a Father’s Day gift and he has been using it every evening since, albeit for the wrong purpose – he is addicted to the Casino app, and has currently racked up $765,000 in the roulette and jackpot games -_-

but because of my recent discovery of the reading material available on the iPad, i have been robbing the damn thing. i feel bad about it, but at the same time… sometimes the reading is the only thing that keeps me OK.

i would be reading on my stupid piece of shit macbook if it was kicking and alive though. but nope. shit out of luck there.





oh, and i decided to change my blog to grey so it correctly reflects the colour of my soul. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH NGAAAA

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    February 26th, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    i came across your blog of sorts due to me looking for TokiDoki ipod wallpapers..i must say i love your taste in cute things ^_^. how your 2012 is a happy and peacefull one

  2. weissweiss Says:
    March 2nd, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    thank you dear

  3. news Says:
    October 14th, 2014 at 8:47 am


    2011 November

  4. pastillas bajar peso Says:
    March 3rd, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    pastillas bajar peso

    love in a hopeless place

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