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playing with lighting…

…is fun.

doing some prep work for a new client and since i am going to be shooting loads of food photos i have to build a light tent!

this took me longer than it should and made me realise 2 things:
1) i have a lot of patience
2) if i was left stranded on an island and attempted to build a boat it would probably sink the moment it left shore.

so much to say so little time! so i wont even try! FFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUU REAAAAAAL LIFEEEEEEEE


im the queen of DIY

so, this was my dressing area 5 months ago:

aaaaaaaand, this is my dressing area today! :D

PRETTY RIGHT?! its a little piece of heaven where i know and can see every piece of cute clothing  i own.
and i did it all by myself!!

mom was like, “wtf, you know how to use a drill and do carpentry things?”
to which i replied, “with the power of youtube and google, anyone can do anything, mom.”

other improvements after the Great Cleanup of 2010:

 new curtains: after 12 fucking years. finally!

clothes rail in my bookshelves = new ‘wardrobe’ – WALK-IN, at that! HAHAHA!

pure win. the only thing that is stopping this wardrobe thing from looking super good is the varied hanger styles. D:

and of course, shoes rack :D that i made myself :) :) :) with 4 pairs of shoes missing but w/e

 my dressing mirror + the other wall with necklaces and mail + lingerie drawers
(yeye all 3 drawers and tbh there ain’t enough space:P)


and the little shelves with my toiletries and a bigger space for my day-bag. you can totally see what my priorities are, can’t you?

 and of course, my insane collection of over 200 books (and this is only insane because of the PRICE per book would suggest i spent over 3k in fictional books alone D:), of which i have had to retire half to my cupboards. thank god for the ipad? how the fuck else would i have been able to build my little piece of heaven AND still burn through my average of 10 books monthly? i was only able to fit about 100 of them here :(

and while i am still doing this, i guess i ought to do the rest of my room, so…

my baller duo monitor set up with blackwidow ultimate + my new razer mousepad+spectre :) :)
i also have 3 lights for work that i built myself, whee!

and because i am at my computer 90% of the time i’m in the room, all my makeup sits…

…on top of my cpu tower. i glued magnets onto lightweight clear containers with cotton pads+ buds in them and stuck them onto the casing at areas where i had empty bays. HUE.

and cos i have a million headbands due to my sad, sad love for gossip girl, i made a stand :D out of card board :D with strawberries printed on it :D

+ extra stash that i don’t normally use, or use while in bed

 and because i am such a girl, flowers! so pretty.

i crown myself queen of diy. :D

i have like 2k photos (literally) from the 6 months emo-induced blog hiatus. i don’t know if i can handle this backlog, but hey… one blog post at a time!.



the hunger games movie + nail polishes

i went to watch the movie premiere of The Hunger Games and i have A LOT of disagreeable thoughts on the movie, so this post will be a giant rant.  but first, the bimbo stuff:

China Glaze did a series on the Hunger Games districts and i grabbed 3 very pretty polishes:

 they are really pretty and make me smile. i mainly got them because a) i am a huge fan of the ‘verse and b) i’m trying to be more girly. worked.

 i wore this to the premiere:

(BTW, i bleached my hair to this orange-blonde colour.)

i put this gorgeous capitol-representing flakie top coat, luxe&lush, on a nyx gray – i thought it was pretty appropriate and fit in with my district 12 look :D i was dressed all miney and wore hella drabby colours.

and now… onto the rant:

i am really, really glad i read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins long before i ever knew about the movie. because i could not be any more disappointed with the movie.

as an avid fiction reader, i truly believe that stories only come alive when great storytelling is at play and how one can determine if a film, book or even game is worthy of one’s time can solely be based on the manner of which the story was told. so imagine my excitement when i found out that one of the most engaging books i have ever had the pleasure to read was coming alive on the silver screens. and the dread that followed with the realization that hollywood might screw up. hard.

as a matter of fact, t’was this series that revived my interest in rapid consumption of contemporary fiction. i spent one full day devouring the series and went on to spend my days amused by the witty repertoire of Artemis Fowl, re-reading Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy and finally got to starting – and loving – the all-too-famous Enders’ Game series.

so to say that i LOVE The Hunger Games is a gross understatement. it was the spark that got my love of good story telling and prose going again. and for that reason alone made me respect the story behind it even more.

i. adore. the first book. it was a remarkable tale with characters that just leaped off the page; and as a lover of dystopian realms (therefore the obsession with 1984 when i was 12 and pretty much every sci-fi story afterwards), the plot truly engaged me. but what made the book all too awesome was the protagonist’s extremely believable narrative voice and perspective. it breathed life into the Panem ‘verse; to me, Panem was every much as awesome in black & white as the Serenity ‘verse was on screen.

but sadly, it all fell and felt painfully flat in the movie. a great story that was told so poorly that i cringe at the memory of it.

i was seriously dumbfounded by the level of conceit present in the screenplay; i would have accepted the omission of key characters and details if it contributed to a greater cinema experience, but it was so poorly done and incomprehensibly pieced together that i wondered if the geniuses behind the Twilight “Saga” had something to do with this trainwreck of The Hunger Games.

Characters rapidly entered and exited the plot without ANY explanation of their purpose and significance; the relationships between districts so shittily established; ZERO mention of district 13; NO FUCKING IDEA who is this white haired dude named President Snow (whose name was only mentioned ONCE ) or even a SENSE of the POWER he wields; CGI budget spent on scenes that don’t matter (REALLY? THE CONTROL ROOM FOR THE ARENA? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? how about a close up of a trackerjacker? or a mockingjay? or the all-too-poignant faces of the wolfmutts?!?)

this entire movie was a FUCKING JOKE!

a 3-year-old would have done better spending 2.5 hours re-enacting the book with sock puppets.

and maybe what ticked me off the most was the fact that the key first minute of the film, as a lead-in to the story, the producers decided, it was OK to use Century Gothic to set the tone for the film.

Century. Fucking. Gothic.

totally suits it. it just showed how LITTLE care they had. its like me using helvetica neue for every client i fucking hate. because i could care less about the message they are trying to send and what the artwork looks like at the end of the day.

great things take time and love. and there wasn’t enough of either to make Hunger Games come alive in 2012, nor enough for me to restore faith in Hollywood. the only other blockbuster i will be going to this year will be The Avengers, and only because, true to the kind of dedication that went into Douglas Adams’ screenplay for the 2005 HitchHikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, Joss Whedon won’t fuck up like Suzanne Collins and her moneygrabbing posies did.

and this film just confirms why book 2 and 3 of the Hunger Games just felt progressively shittier. she wrote it for money. not for the verse.

congratulations Suzanne Collins, you managed to take pure gold of a story and reduced it into all-purpose superficial airhead bimbo fangirl-raising fluff.

man, fuck Suzanne Collins and Lions’ Gate. i’m going to make it a point to boycott any of their shit from now on. see if a single cent of mine goes into either of their pockets.



the satisfaction of crafting

making stuff is FUN!

i actually remade my lightbox because i was very unsatisfied with the way it folded. it was filmsy and at constant risk of falling apart. now it fits nicely behind my shelves:

i drilled holes through the frames to create a scaffold that would collapse NP.

after making the lightbox, i had a soothing realisation that the architecture of things are beautifully deliberate and logical in creation. as a designer i have always believed that structure was as vital as aesthetics. the thought process of my little DIYs really reaffirm that belief.

there’s nothing quite like sketching and creating these things. the magic of an idea manifested in material terms. it’s getting super addictive.

now, when i want something, i always think: can i make this on my own?

turns out, i was in luck with my most recent need!

i needed to clear some drawer space to store my current work (so much printing going on right now).

so i decided to build a nail shelf:

all i did was hotglue boards my bf bought for me at daiso. can you believe that if i bought a nail polish display off-the-shelf it would have cost $40?

we spent $8 on the materials for this one :D next thing to do: paint it pink! and i’ll be done!

i never realised how many nail polishes i have…

its really great to do something with your own hands.

its the same amazing feeling i get when i see my designs come to life; like when my sites go from psd to alpha to beta then to live – or when my layouts get printed and distributed at stands, or when my adverts are published.

and if i am being honest with myself, crafting feels a lot better. its something that no one else has – and belongs only to me :)

thats the real joy of creation.

anyway. i had my first menu photoshoot last fri. it was AWESOME!

can you believe this:

turns into this? :

(this is one of the uglier photos; to protect the interest of my client i am not uploading any of the good ones)

i shot over 13 dishes in 6 hours. it was a very trying experience. maybe i will blog about it when i have the time.

man, i am so tired. i did some major derp and scheduled an appointment for next weds on this weds instead and made a trip down to the venue for nothing. :(

got a deadline for tomorrow D: 4 projects due this week D: D: D:

booooooo. better go wash off and call it a night. i have so much shit to blog about and not enough time to do it. sigh.


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hello, hello & goodbye!

come august 2012, will expire and this time, i will not be renewing it.

as those who have read this blog regularly (and i gather from stats that there’s quite a few of you!) probably have noticed, is pretty old.

its was my sanctuary from reality, my virtual battlefield of countless scars, 2 broken hearts, and an endless, exhausting sojourn to realising too many life lessons to summarise succintly here.

now, for those of you who were once acquainted with me, be it in real life or online; I say ‘Hello’ warmly, as I also say ‘Goodbye’ with finality.

the majority of you would have either loved me for the fool I was, or hated me enough to enjoy the misery I had been writhing in for the last year and more.

life wrecked me for a couple of years by saddling me with a romance that bore no fruit and grew into a nest of lies. learning to move on from that is something i am succeeding with babysteps.

im lucky. i have made friends who supported my dreams, who reached out to me when i was lonely, pulled me out of alcoholism and stayed by my side.

and i got luckier, meeting someone who understood my misery and didn’t keep at bay, who has been here for me for the last 9 months, holding my hand, as i go through the motions of learning to open up again. understanding why i refuse to use another relationship to assuage my wounds and has been waiting, so patiently, for me to heal. thank god for the little mercies.

and it is that same grace of god that brought you here, the kind strangers who have emailed me words of comfort; those who have left me messages in comments, tweeted me a ‘hello’ – thank you, for caring. For reading twice when this girl seemed suicidal, for bothering to drop a line when things sounded bleak, even though you knew nothing about me, other than I existed.

you were rays of light.

thank you for having acknowledged the existence of these 5 years of!

while the story beyond here will remain untold, i hope for the best for those of you who were here.

hasta la vista baby!