im the queen of DIY

so, this was my dressing area 5 months ago:

aaaaaaaand, this is my dressing area today! :D

PRETTY RIGHT?! its a little piece of heaven where i know and can see every piece of cute clothing  i own.
and i did it all by myself!!

mom was like, “wtf, you know how to use a drill and do carpentry things?”
to which i replied, “with the power of youtube and google, anyone can do anything, mom.”

other improvements after the Great Cleanup of 2010:

 new curtains: after 12 fucking years. finally!

clothes rail in my bookshelves = new ‘wardrobe’ – WALK-IN, at that! HAHAHA!

pure win. the only thing that is stopping this wardrobe thing from looking super good is the varied hanger styles. D:

and of course, shoes rack :D that i made myself :) :) :) with 4 pairs of shoes missing but w/e

 my dressing mirror + the other wall with necklaces and mail + lingerie drawers
(yeye all 3 drawers and tbh there ain’t enough space:P)


and the little shelves with my toiletries and a bigger space for my day-bag. you can totally see what my priorities are, can’t you?

 and of course, my insane collection of over 200 books (and this is only insane because of the PRICE per book would suggest i spent over 3k in fictional books alone D:), of which i have had to retire half to my cupboards. thank god for the ipad? how the fuck else would i have been able to build my little piece of heaven AND still burn through my average of 10 books monthly? i was only able to fit about 100 of them here :(

and while i am still doing this, i guess i ought to do the rest of my room, so…

my baller duo monitor set up with blackwidow ultimate + my new razer mousepad+spectre :) :)
i also have 3 lights for work that i built myself, whee!

and because i am at my computer 90% of the time i’m in the room, all my makeup sits…

…on top of my cpu tower. i glued magnets onto lightweight clear containers with cotton pads+ buds in them and stuck them onto the casing at areas where i had empty bays. HUE.

and cos i have a million headbands due to my sad, sad love for gossip girl, i made a stand :D out of card board :D with strawberries printed on it :D

+ extra stash that i don’t normally use, or use while in bed

 and because i am such a girl, flowers! so pretty.

i crown myself queen of diy. :D

i have like 2k photos (literally) from the 6 months emo-induced blog hiatus. i don’t know if i can handle this backlog, but hey… one blog post at a time!.


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    im the queen of DIY

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