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the satisfaction of crafting

making stuff is FUN!

i actually remade my lightbox because i was very unsatisfied with the way it folded. it was filmsy and at constant risk of falling apart. now it fits nicely behind my shelves:

i drilled holes through the frames to create a scaffold that would collapse NP.

after making the lightbox, i had a soothing realisation that the architecture of things are beautifully deliberate and logical in creation. as a designer i have always believed that structure was as vital as aesthetics. the thought process of my little DIYs really reaffirm that belief.

there’s nothing quite like sketching and creating these things. the magic of an idea manifested in material terms. it’s getting super addictive.

now, when i want something, i always think: can i make this on my own?

turns out, i was in luck with my most recent need!

i needed to clear some drawer space to store my current work (so much printing going on right now).

so i decided to build a nail shelf:

all i did was hotglue boards my bf bought for me at daiso. can you believe that if i bought a nail polish display off-the-shelf it would have cost $40?

we spent $8 on the materials for this one :D next thing to do: paint it pink! and i’ll be done!

i never realised how many nail polishes i have…

its really great to do something with your own hands.

its the same amazing feeling i get when i see my designs come to life; like when my sites go from psd to alpha to beta then to live – or when my layouts get printed and distributed at stands, or when my adverts are published.

and if i am being honest with myself, crafting feels a lot better. its something that no one else has – and belongs only to me :)

thats the real joy of creation.

anyway. i had my first menu photoshoot last fri. it was AWESOME!

can you believe this:

turns into this? :

(this is one of the uglier photos; to protect the interest of my client i am not uploading any of the good ones)

i shot over 13 dishes in 6 hours. it was a very trying experience. maybe i will blog about it when i have the time.

man, i am so tired. i did some major derp and scheduled an appointment for next weds on this weds instead and made a trip down to the venue for nothing. :(

got a deadline for tomorrow D: 4 projects due this week D: D: D:

booooooo. better go wash off and call it a night. i have so much shit to blog about and not enough time to do it. sigh.