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i lied

supposedly i was to let the domain expire but after some consideration i let it lay dormant instead. this is a little sanctuary that i’ve always sought solace in. and it has always been loyally constant in its presence.

the funny thing is while the last post was half a decade ago, it still feels like just yesterday. the thing is, when you have settled in some kind of disappointment loop, life is cyclic in nature.


i love myself more, accept myself more, than i have ever had in my life. since saying goodbye to this virtual log, i’ve found, lost and redefined love, re-examined what it means to be alive, realise what lies ahead of us, and…

and realised that i am really just stuck in a loop.


tough shit.


its okay though. i’ve discovered vices beyond curing, socially adopted escapism in a cocktail of chemical finery, but you know what?


i miss talking to myself. i miss reaching out to the same infinite space the universe occupies in this neural mix of everybody unknown.


you ever thought about how, maybe, just how, we’re just stardust sprinkled across time, a moment of glitter to signify life, nothing more and nothing less?

i think about it all the time.


hello blogging, i am back.