hello, hello & goodbye!

come august 2012, weissdom.com will expire and this time, i will not be renewing it.

as those who have read this blog regularly (and i gather from stats that there’s quite a few of you!) probably have noticed, blog.weissdom.com is pretty old.

its was my sanctuary from reality, my virtual battlefield of countless scars, 2 broken hearts, and an endless, exhausting sojourn to realising too many life lessons to summarise succintly here.

now, for those of you who were once acquainted with me, be it in real life or online; I say ‘Hello’ warmly, as I also say ‘Goodbye’ with finality.

the majority of you would have either loved me for the fool I was, or hated me enough to enjoy the misery I had been writhing in for the last year and more.

life wrecked me for a couple of years by saddling me with a romance that bore no fruit and grew into a nest of lies. learning to move on from that is something i am succeeding with babysteps.

im lucky. i have made friends who supported my dreams, who reached out to me when i was lonely, pulled me out of alcoholism and stayed by my side.

and i got luckier, meeting someone who understood my misery and didn’t keep at bay, who has been here for me for the last 9 months, holding my hand, as i go through the motions of learning to open up again. understanding why i refuse to use another relationship to assuage my wounds and has been waiting, so patiently, for me to heal. thank god for the little mercies.

and it is that same grace of god that brought you here, the kind strangers who have emailed me words of comfort; those who have left me messages in comments, tweeted me a ‘hello’ – thank you, for caring. For reading twice when this girl seemed suicidal, for bothering to drop a line when things sounded bleak, even though you knew nothing about me, other than I existed.

you were rays of light.

thank you for having acknowledged the existence of these 5 years of blog.weissdom.com!

while the story beyond here will remain untold, i hope for the best for those of you who were here.

hasta la vista baby!

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