#lol captain teemo on duty!

who’s the king of YORDLES?!

this video took me 20 minutes to make, 2 hours to upload.

thanks ADSL!  :mrgreen:

anyways, been hooked on playing teemo the last couple of days. i am a tragic AD, i tend to feed unless there is a taric babysitting me, which is really weird because all the ADs are suppose to do is last hit and auto attack, both of which don’t seem too hard. BUT REALLY! i chicken out on every AD i have ever played, never go into a 1v1 because of a foreboding sense of defeat :P

but 1v1s are my FAVOURITE with captain teemo! with him, killing anyone 1v1 seems like the most natural thing. and the best part of all this shit is instead of spending money on wards, i just get wriggles AND shrooms and hellooooo, map control!!! epic shroom jukes start from 6, crazy jungle invasion at blue with shrooms is muy fun, and the BEST part is laying down the little mushrooms wayyyyyy before a team fight and watching it unfold JUST as i predicted, thereby giving my team the advantage.

there seems to be a general lack of respect for teemo in the league community, most find him not viable as a carry be it AD or AP, and find his kit lackluster. the truth is, there is no other hero like teemo. there are many prime picks above him, but those picks are based on the assumption of a controlled game where carries do get fed and supports have complete ward coverage consistently and tanks protect the dps from death. THAT scenario is rarer than rare. in team comps where 1 tank 1 ad 1 ap 1 offtank 1 support AREN’T the template, teemo HAS to have a place in it. he harrasses well enough early game to help garner early kills, keeps shrooms in lanes during mid game pre-oracle for mapcontrol that opens windows for ganks and jungle control, then if endgame does come, he is so bloody strong that its bullshit. his speed is unparalleled and the mobility lets him build lane pressure safely while shrooms protect him or set him up for ganks. he is not as easy to shut down as people may imagine, because an oracle will affect his map control, but 1 oracle cannot roam the whole map, and if that 1 oracle is shutting you down that easily, then your game was already shit anyway

teemo is hella squishy though, and watching other people play him i realise that he has to be an assasin character that picks his targets and stick with them till the very end. if he can draw away a carry from the fight, or force the enemy team to focus him – then his job is done correctly. the only problem with this is his inability to survive a focus, but given all the advantages of his kit, i would NOT trade anything for an escape. teemo is a planned character. you plan how you go in and out a fight, and if you calculate it correctly, you’ll live

long story short: captain teemo reporting for duty son. prepare to be shroomed!!!