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i noticed a lot of hits on my blog from searches for tokidoki wallpaper – and particularly of late, searches for “tokidoki january” – so i thought, hey, why not make one!

tokidoki for hello kitty is super cute – but wallpaper of this is scarce. thus i’m happy to present this green tokidoki hello kitty that i vectorized with love :)  i enjoyed making it and i think i will continue to make more every month – so if you would like to see something specific, do leave a comment and i might try it out!

available in 1920×1200 – and ‘cos i am a dual monitor girl, a tiled pattern for your other screens :) if you need other resolutions/colours, just drop a comment!

how to download:

Click on the wallpaper(s) of your choice, then simply right click to save the image in full resolution – or use the nifty “Download all here” link to get the entire wallpaper pack.



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tokidoki means sometimes

tokidoki means sometimes

you can ask for the stupidest things on earth and if your boyfriend is as earnestly yours in the way that mine is earnestly mine, you will get it.

about 3 months ago, i asked for a simple (but, in my books, slightly exorbitant) gift from my boyfriend – something that didn’t involve lingerie, wouldn’t be a carnally pleasurable item and could only bring me, and not him, irrational joy – just to see if he could do something completely selfless for me.

being aware that my boyfriend is not good at picking out presents, i told him exactly what i wanted: the sephora tokidoki pittura brush set.

he balked a little and agreed to getting them for me after a particularly fun afternoon together. he thought it would be easy –  all he had to do was go online and buy the damn thing (i even linked it to him in my facebook) from the website and it would be over.

but little did he know… it wasn’t going to be THAT easy as sephora.com doesn’t ship internationally!

baffled, he asked, “what can i do!” and as he pondered the question while i sulked and nagged him for weeks afterwards, he finally realized that there was only one way – he had to GO to sephora.

lets not forget, sephora is a painful place for men. it is a heady glitter infested pink festival that women delight in being. its heaven for so many of us, who appreciate the finer (and ridiculously expensive) tools to alter our appearances – be it to pamper ourselves, or to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. it makes no sense to men, because men like to think that they like women as  they are, and make up often falls into the category of “too much” than “not enough”. (little do they know that the ultimate goal of every woman is to appear as if they are not wearing makeup while wearing some, thus looking more attractive to men, and sephora is where it all begins)

so, i had quite given up on the idea of him doing such a thing for me. needless to say, my confidence in him sunk to an all-time low and i had to look elsewhere in our relationship for reassurances that this was just a minor problem stemming from inconvenience

soon, i had forgotten about it.. sure, i trolled him about it from time to time, but i never was too malicious. it just irked me that i had nary a token of love from him that wasn’t perishable.

(though if  you ask me today, that laugh and face of his is and always will be the most imperishable thing to exist in my head and heart)

about 2 weeks ago, he went home to america and in the land of the free, found the courage to step into a sephora, for me, then mailed the damn thing to singapore with a hefty postage just so i could be happy.

the deepest meaning of love is, here, where he knew, he could be embarrassed, be a fish out of water, an animal out of place, a bull in a friggin’ china shop, to visit some place like that, alone. he did it for me – ; and on that day that he did, while we discussed it, and laughed about it afterwards – there i found a memory that i will always cherish.

you see, some people think that you must conquer countries, move mountains, accomplish great things in order to prove you love somebody. the truth is, it is in your every day. it is your every word. whatever it may be, however slight, there is where you will find the deepest meaning of who he or she is to you.

that day that my boyfriend went to sephora, i found out who i am to him and who he is to me. that day i rejoiced. it took a year, but i have gone full circle to know how genuine he was about me.

sometimes, he isn’t very good at expressing how he feels about us, but whenever i look upon these atrocious brushes, i will always remember.

not sometimes, but always.

thank you my light, without whom, i might not have known laughter and joy in such simple things again. i am a lucky girl to be your weissy.




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